Sicat Tayo Homecoming

We had our homecoming at ICA yesterday and it was one of the best experiences of my life. All our hard work paid off and we had a wonderful time bonding with each other. There were some foul ups but we didn’t let it hinder us from having a good time. The show was a big success. All our guests were fantastic and very professional.

Our classmate Denyse together with uber caterer, Red Catering transformed our HS covered court into a classy and elegant dining room.


Some of my classmates preparing for the mass and homecoming show.

With our director, Mike Lim who did an excellent job with Direk Raymond.


The food served by Red Catering was awesome. We loved everything.
beef pot roast topped w/ mashed potato and mozarella cheese

baked herb chicken

fried fish fillet w/ salsa, pesto cream or garlic cream sauce

pasta al olio and pesto fettucine

penne puttanesca

Sr. Dina and Sr. Teresita

Jennie and I slipped to the backstage to take some pictures with the stars of the show. Edu Manzano was the funniest and best host ever! He made us laugh non-stop from beginning to end. Even boring parts like the raffle draw became entertaining because of Edu.
Edu Manzano and Sr. Teresita

with members of The Company and Jamie Rivera

Our batchmates opened the show with a smashing dance to the tune of Calle Ocho by Pitbull.



Batch 74’s bollywood dance was the talk of the night.

The Company (pic by Peter Gaw)

When Piolo Pascual was introduced lots of girls ran forward to take pictures and scream in adulation.


Ai Ai de las Alas w/ Batch 84 (pic by Peter Gaw)

Here are some more backstage pictures taken by Marissa Yang.
Jennie w/ Piolo

Edu and Piolo

Akihiro Sato w/ Patti

Even when the show ended we continued to dance to 8track’s performance of 80s music.
8track band (pic by Peter Gaw)

Whistlers, ICA Batch 84

Thank you to everyone who supported our homecoming. It was really a once in a lifetime event.

Red Catering
95 Guirayan St.
Dona Imelda, QC
telephone: 741-2762, 0917 830 7471

5 thoughts on “Sicat Tayo Homecoming

  1. He was a good choice for host. Never a dull moment and he kept the momentum going! Ika nga ng 80 year old father ni Evelyn, the show was a success dahil hindi siya nakatulog at any moment during the proceedings.


  2. The homecoming exceeded my expectations. I would have regretted it if I did not make the trip back. Kudos to all my batchmates’ hard work. My only regret is not being able to help them out, seeing how much effort was put in. But they sure know how to party while working hard – now that was truly admirable! Party on, girls!!!


  3. hi les, this is tin2 mian’s sis:0thanks for sharing your site. nice pics and homecoming. Seems like food is goo too! i’m looking for a reasonable and good caterer kasi for this feb.loved your site too!tin2


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