Sunday Lunch at Peking Garden Restaurant

Peking Garden Restaurant-5
The food featured here are from 2 consecutive Sundays when we ate at Peking Garden in Trinoma. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten there and I’ve missed the fabulous appetizers that they’re known for.

Peking Garden Restaurant
spicy wanton wrapper crisps

Peking Garden Restaurant-1
sea blubber P280

Peking Garden Restaurant-2
deep fried beancurd cubes w/ minced meat P320

Peking Garden Restaurant-4
shredded chicken in chili sauce P280

These thinly sliced super crunchy fish are my favorite. The fish was coated with sweet and sour sauce. It’s unlike any fried fish I’ve ever eaten.
Peking Garden Restaurant-5
honeyed fish butterfly shape P320

Peking Garden Restaurant-6
eggplant w/ sesame sauce P250

Peking Garden Restaurant-7

Peking Garden Restaurant-8
fried mini sliver thread bun P70/2 pcs.

Peking Garden Restaurant-9
fried spring onion cake P80/pc.

Now on to the main course dishes. Simply steamed fresh shrimps are the best way to savor seafood.
Peking Garden Restaurant-3
steamed sua-he (small shrimp)

Peking Garden Restaurant-10
assorted meat & seafood soup in casserole P525 (medium)

In Manila, Peking Garden serves the best xiao long bau or soupy dumplings. The skin is relatively thin, the meat is well seasoned and the soup generous.
Peking Garden Restaurant-11
steamed supreme soup & pork dumplings P150/5 pcs.

Peking Garden Restaurant-12
hand-made noodles w/ beef and spring onion P170

Peking Garden Restaurant-13
deep fried crispy chicken w/ dried garlic P390/half P780/whole

Peking Garden Restaurant-14
barbecued Peking duck P2,100

No other restaurant beats Peking Garden in the speed of cutting and presenting the sliced duck. They also take time to scrape the skin clean of any fat. This lessens our guilt in eating this decadent dish.
Peking Garden Restaurant-15

Peking Garden Restaurant-16
fried duck bones P300

We had a special treat for lunch. Beggar’s chicken is a popular dish from Beijing that is made from chicken and preserved mustard greens and then it’s wrapped in lotus leaves and clay or in this case bread. Cooking the chicken this way ensures a very tender and tasty dish. Beggar’s chicken requires advanced ordering.
Peking Garden Restaurant-17
beggar’s chicken P1,000

Andrew had the honor of breaking the bread layer with a heavy brass mallet.
Peking Garden Restaurant-18

Peking Garden Restaurant-19

Peking Garden Restaurant-20
chicken wrapped in lotus leaves

Peking Garden Restaurant-21
the unwrapped chicken

I don’t know what these veggies were but I loved them. They’re light and crispy a good contrast to the bamboo shoots and sweet candied walnuts.
Peking Garden Restaurant-22
crispy vegetable, conpoy w/ bamboo shoot & walnuts P570 (M)

Peking Garden Restaurant-23

Peking Garden Restaurant-24
poached mustard greens in supreme soup P375 (M)

Peking Garden Menu
appetizers, shark’s fin & bird’s nest, soup, abalone, sea cucumber & crispy rice, seafood,
more seafood, poultry, pork, beef & lamb, beancurd, vegetable, noodle, rice, dim sum,

Peking Garden
3rd level of TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.,
Quezon City
telephone: 901-0502 or 901-0507

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch at Peking Garden Restaurant

  1. wowwww now im craving for peking garden! i love the spicy wanton chips which used to be jade garden’s signature appetizer


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