Raohe Night Market – What We Saw

Raohe night market
Hi everyone! I’m back in Manila. After battling jet lag for several days I’m ready to start posting again. I can’t wait to show you all the places I ate at from California to New York and places in between. Before that I’ll finish my entries on Taipei and some other restaurants in Manila. So keep coming back to see what I’ve been up to.

I went to Taipei with one thing in mind -the food! So far we’ve eaten at several fast food eateries at the mall and they were good too. We had buffet at a Japanese restaurant and that was awesome. But what we were looking for was authentic Chinese comfort food. Our last trip to Shilin Night Market was a disappointment because we went to the wrong place and didn’t have enough time. This time we had a tour guide, cousin Angie who brought us to Raohe Night Market.

The weather cooperated and kept the rain away from the open market. It was hot and humid and the narrow street was filled with lots of people.

Even before going through the sign above there were already several stalls selling food, veggies, fruits and many more.
Raohe night market-1

Raohe night market-2

Raohe night market-5

These pastries looked really tempting and it was just the beginning of the street so we passed on it.
Chinese pastries
Chinese pastries
Chinese pastries-1

Chinese pastries-2

I really, really, really wanted to buy this corn.
grilled corn
grilled corn

Yes, they sold undies too. Raohe Night Market was a one stop tourist destination. There’s shopping, gaming and lots and lots of food. 
Raohe night market-6


Mouthwatering grilled crab, giant prawns and snails.
grilled shellfish
grilled shellfish NT$200

fried chicken
They sure like their fried chicken. This was just one of several stalls selling boneless fried chicken. They came in all forms: strips, nuggets and chunks.
fried chicken-1
fried chicken NT$55 small, NT$100 big

whelk cooked in wine

whelk cooked in wine with chili

filled cakes
cakes filled with red bean paste and other fillings

Raohe night market-7

Raohe night market-8

Raohe night market-9


you tiao or crispy crullers with soy milk

Raohe night market-10

shaved peanut brittle
shaved peanut brittle

Some eateries in the middle of the street provided tiny tables and chairs for you to eat their food. All spaces were taken.
Raohe night market-11

Raohe night market-13
noodle soup

Raohe night market-14

Raohe night market-15

Oyster cake
oyster cake

ba kut teh
ba kut teh or pork rib soup

stinky tofu
stinky tofu

grilled sausages
grilled sausages

my cute nephew Daniel

These were the just some of the food we saw and resisted. Imagine our strong will! Next I will show you what we ate.

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