The Best Milk Tea Ever – Gong Cha

Gong Cha-7
This is the best milk tea I’ve ever had in my life and I found it in Hong Kong.  Well it is the best until I try something better. For now it’s number 1 in my list. For a long time the best hot milk tea for me was at Cafe de Coral. Now I found an even better one.

The first time I tried it was when I went to Golden Shopping Centre in Sham Shui Po for my usual gadget and computer accessories shopping spree. The small stall was just across the street. It’s a good thing they have an English menu.

Gong Cha is a chain from Taiwan with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and China. There are several Taiwanese tea stores popping all over Hong Kong and a lot of them don’t have an English menu. 
Gong Cha

My first order was milk green tea with bubbles or pearl jelly as they call it. I loved the strong brewed tea but not the sago. The sago was unsweetened and it just made me too full.
Gong Cha-1
Gong Cha milk green tea with pearl jelly $14

The second time I ordered the same thing without the bubbles. They only had one size of drink and that huge glass is 500ml or 17 ounces. It served as my lunch.
Gong Cha-2
Gong Cha milk green tea HK$12 of US$1.50

I was so enamored with their milk tea I looked for a branch nearer to where I lived. I found it in the newly renovated Star House which is right beside Star Ferry and Harbour City.
Gong Cha-3

Gong Cha was tucked away in a small corner on the 3rd floor. Despite their hidden location they were doing brisk business.
Gong Cha-4

Different kinds brewed tea were stored in stainless jugs.
Gong Cha-5

Gong Cha-6

Why is it so good? When you order milk tea they do not shake or stir it.
Gong Cha-7

There are instructions on the lid on how to enjoy the milk tea. These are my own words based on the translation that Google gave me. There was also some matcha green tea powder sprinkled on top.
1. Open the lid and drink, letting the tea pass through the foamy layer.
2. Insert the straw and enjoy the flavor of the tea.
3. Use the straw to stir and enjoy the combined flavor of the tea and milk.
Gong Cha-8

I did all three steps and this is what I discovered. The top layer that floated on the tea wasn’t just milk. It was cream! No wonder it was sooooo good. The funny thing was the cream tasted a little salty. Next I drank the tea using the straw. The tea was really strong sweetened brewed green tea and not made with artificial flavoring. When both cream and tea were mixed, the saltiness of the cream balanced the sweet strong tea perfectly creating the best milk tea ever. It was creamy yet the green tea flavor was very evident. This was better than any cold coffee concoction.

I hope someone brings this franchise over to the Philippines. It will surely knock out all the milk tea/bubble tea stores in Manila. The price was also cheaper than the ones in Manila. 500 ml for Hk$12 or only P67. With bubbles or sago it costs P78. The bubble tea I had yesterday was much smaller and cost P125 and the taste was simply inferior to this.
Gong Cha-9

Gong Cha menu-1
Gong Cha’s menu

They had so many other kinds of tea mixtures as well as juice and tea combinations. Next time I go to Hong Kong I will try the milk Alisan tea which is a famous tea in Taiwan.
Gong Cha menu

Gong Cha-13

Gong Cha-12

Gong Cha-11

Gong Cha-10

I haven’t been to Star House in a long time and I’m glad I went because I found my favorite bargain store there. This is Japan’s Daiso store also called Saizen in Manila.
new Star City

The store was small but packed to the rafters with all sorts of good buys from houseware to personal effects and lots of things you didn’t know you needed.
new Star City-1

The new Star City is also now connected to Harbour City. The passage way is right beside Gong Cha on the 3rd floor.
new Star City-2

Gong Cha
Shop 316A,3/F,Star House, No.3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: 3485-5543

ShopC2, 153-155 Fuk Wah Street, Sham Shui Po

For other branches in Hong Kong click here

Gong Cha in Manila

88 thoughts on “The Best Milk Tea Ever – Gong Cha

  1. You should try FrosTea Milk Tea in Xavierville-Katipunan or in E Rodriguez-St Lukes it’s so yummy! And very cheap too, a steal at 80 pesos for a giant 22oz


  2. HI,ANDREW, I’m very much  interested to franchise GONG CHA, are you open for franchise? please send me the details and requirements at  waiting for your reply,thanks!


  3. Dear: Andrew,Hi Andrew, I am Mia. I live in HongKong and I really love Gong Cha. I’m very interested to open Gong Cha in Indonesia. Would you please kindly send me some details about the franchise. Contact me at Thank u so much and looking forward to hear from you soon.Best Regards,Mia Pratiwi


  4. Mr. Ong,kindly send me the details on how i can franchise gong cha.  thank you very much. raymondmontesines@yahoo .com


  5. Hi Andrew, I am Diana and I would love to find out more about the franchise programme. Appreciate if you could email me at diana.dawidsongmail .com with all the relevant details. 


  6. Hi Andrew,I left a private message at your Fanpage just recently. As I described myself, Im an addict and thus a passionate fan of Gong Cha Milk teas. Have been spreading word around about this great tea. Hope you can email me for Franchise requirements (area, staff, equipment, who to contact and computations) at immediate feedback will be greatly appreciated.Thanks!!


  7. Hi Andrew, i’m Dolly. Regarding the Gongcha franchise i am interested to open in Sumatra Indonesia. Would you please send me the details at .Thank you very much for yours atention, I am looking forward for your reply.


  8. Hi Andrew, I am also interested in opening up a franchise of Gong Cha in nearby provinces. Can you let me know if it is already open for franchise and what are the requirements? please email me at Thanks, hope to hear from you soon


  9. Hi Andrew, i’m Larissa from indonesia.. do you know contact person Gong Cha indonesia? I’m very interested to open at my city, surabaya.. I know that Gong Cha has opened in jakarta. Thank you for your attention. Please email me


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