Stores at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

Oakland Bay Bridge
After lunch at Gott’s Roadside, my high school friends and I took a walk inside the Ferry Building. There were lots of stores and restaurants in the marketplace. All the stores were unique and interesting but a couple of them caught my eye.

I wanted to buy some cheese at the famous Cowgirl Creamery but I didn’t know which to buy so I didn’t buy any at all.
Cow Girl Creamery

high school classmate, Angie and me

The words tasty salted pig parts made me laugh. But it’s really what Boccalone sold.
Boccalone tasty salted pig parts

There were all kinds of salami and other cured meats hanging in this special temperature controlled storage.



Far West Fungi was my favorite store of all. They sold all things mushroom- from fresh mushrooms to truffles and products made with truffles.

I really, really wanted to buy this truffle mousse. It was on my list ever since I saw it on a web site that featured the best new products on the market. I figured I would buy it in Virginia, where I was headed after San Francisco, instead. But to my dismay I never saw this again.

truffle mouse

truffle mousse

This looked so decadent.
black truffle pate
black truffle pate


fresh mushrooms

me, Eileen, Angie and Mercy



Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Shop
1 Ferry Building, #17
San Francisco, CA 94111  

telephone: (415) 362-9354

Boccalone Salumeria
1 Ferry Building #21, 
San Francisco, Ca 94111
telephone: (415) 433-6500

Far West Fungi
The San Francisco Mushroom Store
1 Ferry Building #34, 
San Francisco, Ca 94111
telephone: (415) 989-9090

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