McDonald’s Bangkok

McDonald's corn pie
It was late and we just finished our last massage at Mr. Feet. We were tired but we were hungry. Since we had to pass by McDonald’s on the way back to our hotel and it was the only restaurant open we decided to eat our last dinner in Bangkok there.
 In Bangkok the background of the signage is black. No bright red here.
McDonald's Bangkok

Ronald McDonald says “sawasdee krup”.
McDonald's Bangkok-1

We wanted to try their unique food items not found in Manila, Hong Kong or the USA.
McDonald's Bangkok-5

McDonald's Bangkok-6

I was impressed with their menu board which was an lcd screen with the objects moving and changing.
McDonald's Bangkok-7

McDonald's Bangkok-4

No plastic chairs in sight!
McDonald's Bangkok-2

McDonald's Bangkok-3

They’re trying for an upscale look with all these snazzy furniture.
McDonald's Bangkok-8

Design yes, comfort no.
McDonald's Bangkok-9

My order was a glass of cold Thai iced tea and chicken ham pie. The iced tea was ultra sweet. I had to ask for more ice.
McDonald's chicken & ham pie

The tray liners had all the nutritional information for all of McDonald’s food and drinks.
McDonald's chicken & ham pie-1
chicken ham pie 29 baht

The pie was described as chicken and ham with signature Italian sauce. I tasted the tomato sauce but there was very little filling inside. I couldn’t even taste the difference between ham or chicken. It wasn’t very filling either. Not too horrible but I wouldn’t buy it again.
McDonald's chicken & ham pie-2

My pie definitely didn’t look any where like the one on their menu board.
McDonald's chicken & ham pie-3

The only thing good on this tray was the fries.
McDonald's Bangkok-10

Chris had the spicy chicken burger. It had a pathetic thin chicken burger with just a little spice which wasn’t enough to give the burger any semblance of taste or flavor.
McDonald's spicy chicken sandwich
spicy chicken burger

Rochelle had the pork burger since she doesn’t eat beef. After taking a bite she wished she ordered something else. I tried it and it was just bland and boring.
McDonald's pork burger
pork burger 23 baht

Chris and Rochelle had one corn pie each. I was surprised it was listed under desserts on the menu board. I forgot in Asia corn is popular for dessert. In the Philippines we have mais con hielo (sweet creamed corn with ice, maja blanca (corn pudding) and corn ice cream.
McDonald's corn pie
corn pie 23 baht

Where’s the corn? Inside the hot, flaky pie was a thick corn flavored filling with hardly any pieces of real corn.
McDonald's corn pie-1

For the pleasure of foot massage we gave up the chance to eat real Thai food one last time. It was a really sad, sad thing to have McDonald’s as a last meal in a country with such awesome food. For the money we spent in McDonald’s we could have eaten really good noodles or sausages in some street vendor.

4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Bangkok

  1. Hi I’m from Bangkok and I’ve been to the McDonald’s you went. I find your review very insightful and interesting. Thank you for sharing!


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