The Venetian Macao – Verona Suite

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-13
Last April during our Holy Week hiatus to Hong Kong, we made an overnight trip to Macao and stayed in our favorite hotel, The Venetian Macao.

This time we to the Cotai Jet which went directly to the Cotai Strip where The Venetian was located. This saved us a 30 minute bus ride had we taken the ferry to the main Taipa island.
Cotai Jet

Cotai Jet-1

There was a longer walk from the ferry to the airport than at the other ferry.
Cotai Strip airport-1

All immigration counters were filled with long lines of tourists.
Cotai Strip airport-3

The free bus transfer to the hotel was just outside the airport. The bus dropped us off at the main lobby unlike before where we got off the west lobby.
Venetian Macau lobby

Venetian Macau lobby-1

Thanks to technology no one had to lie on their backs to paint these ceilings. The wonders of large format printing are amazing!
Venetian Macau lobby-2

Venetian Macau lobby-3

While waiting for our room to be ready we went to the fast food area to have some lunch. I took pictures of the restaurants which you can see here.
Venetian Macau Fast Food - Korean bulgogi-2

I looked at the menu offerings of all the restaurants to find something I could eat for my Cohen diet. After two rounds I finally decided the ‘healthiest’ choice was the grilled beef bulgogi from this Korean restaurant.
Venetian Macau Fast Food - Korean bulgogi

An order of beef bulgogi with a bowl of rice, soup and kimchi costs HK$98.
Venetian Macau Fast Food - Korean bulgogi-3

Luckily the order taker and the chef were Filipinos so I requested to skip the rice, soup and kimchi and just give me more spinach. So this is what my plate looked like.
Venetian Macau Fast Food - Korean bulgogi-4
beef bulgogi

I dutifully weighed my meat and veggie portions which I placed on the two bowls on the left. The rest went to a doggie bag and served as my dinner that night as well as two more meals in Hong Kong. That’s how much beef was in one order of Bulgogi.

That’s what you call outrageous food portions! I guess that’s the secret to the Cohen diet as well as other diets. Eat the right portion of food and not everything on the plate served to you. We all know the food portions in American restaurants are easily triple of what one should eat.
Venetian Macau Fast Food - Korean bulgogi-5

Finally we get to see our room. The last time we went to The Venetian we stayed in the Bella Suite which was their basic suite at 70 sq. meters. It was huge by industry standards and it had 2 queen beds and a sunken living room.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite

This time I wanted to try the Verona suite which was much bigger at 145 sq. meters and cost only HK$500 more than the Bella Suite. This was the only place I’ll ever get to stay in a suite since the rates in Macau are much lower than say, Hong Kong where an ordinary room in a 4 star hotel will cost more than this suite.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-22

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-15
the entrance

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-1
powder room just off the entrance
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-24

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-25
the spacious closet with thick cotton & terry robes

There were two queen beds, a dining table, a living room, 2 televisions and an outdoor lounging area.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-2

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-3

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-14

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- tv1
the first tv right in front of the two beds

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- living room
the comfy living room with another tv

I tried lounging outside but it was too hot. I’d rather lounge in the comfort of a cool room.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- loungers

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- patio

The main bathroom was just beside the living room, behind the full wet bar.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- master bathroom

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-23

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-toiletries

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-9

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- toiletries

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-soap

This area was my favorite part of the big room.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-19

I took advantage of the Nespresso machine by having coffee three times a day.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-Nespresso

This was the reason I finally bought my own Nespresso Pixie.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite- Nespresso machine

I discovered my love of espresso!
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-21

Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-tea selection

Nothing is simple in this room.
Venetian Macau - Verona Suite-26

I loved our stay in The Venetian Hotel’s Verona suite. I can’t stay in another suite. In my dreams!! I’m too cheap ;p.

3 thoughts on “The Venetian Macao – Verona Suite

  1. Love The Venetian Macau.  Hubby and I stayed there during our HK-Macau honeymoon and it was such a great experience.  We love our kababayans who were working there for the extra attention they gave us each time we needed assistance.  =)


  2. hihi,just wanna ask. the suite can stay how many person? im goin with 6 of my friends, we wanna stay at venetian’s suite (all in 1 suite) but not sure wht we can do that ornot. so just wanna ask some opinion . pls advise ^^if dont mind, can pls reply to this email –>


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