It’s my blog’s 3rd year anniversary!

3rd birthday
I can’t believe it! It’s my blog’s 3rd birthday. I thought I would be bored after a few months but to this day I still love blogging.

2011 was the year of the DIET! It made food blogging really hard but I did it. I probably could have, would have lost more weight if I didn’t love food so much. But I’m happy with the weight I’ve lost and I’m still working HARD at losing more.

My travels in 2011 took me to BaguioBangkok, some shopping and less eating in Hong Kong and to the USA in November.

Thank you to all you who have followed my blog on Google, Facebook and Twitter. I want more, more, more 😀

followers fb followers

187 countries!! I’ve never even heard of some of the countries on the list.

Some eagle-eyed friends who took Philippine airlines last January 2012 saw me in the Mabuhay magazine. Rochelle even brought home the magazine for me.
Mabuhay magazine Jan 2012 Shoot

This was taken at the photography class I took at PhotoKitchen. He he my claim to fame 😀
Mabuhay magazine Jan 2012 Shoot-1

What are my plans for 2012? Definitely more traveling. I’m looking forward to going to Cebu, Hong Kong, Taipei and Europe!!! As usual more restaurant reviews but with healthier options for me.

I also promise to post more recipes and hopefully more gadget reviews. Thanks again for keeping me company. Any comments and suggestions are always welcome.

34 thoughts on “It’s my blog’s 3rd year anniversary!

  1. Hi! Congratulations on your blogs anniversary! I am an avid reader and a super fan! It all started when I saw your article about Cohen’s since I am also on that diet! May I just ask, if you are still continuing the diet? Did you gain a lot of weight in the US?  I plan to eat at almost all the restaurants you tried in the US since I will be going there as well in March! Thanks for being an inspiration since your blog motivates me to continue the diet so I can eat in these places 1 day 😉 I’m also going to Taiwan and Europe! Hope I get to see your reviews before I go there 😉


  2. Congatulations , Les ! Your blog is part of my daily routine , keep it up , you’re one of the blogs that keep me entertained here . 


  3. Happy Anniversary!  I have been reading your blog for a while.  I live in San Francisco but from Honolulu, Hawaii.  I travel off and on to there and to Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Have family in Hong Kong and Taiwan and Honolulu.  As for dieting I just count calories and eat big breakfast and med. lunch and light snack for dinner. Burn most calories in morning and afternoon.


  4. Hi Purple! Yes I’m still on the diet but am constantly cheating which is so bad. I gained 5 lbs while in the US for a month. I still haven’t lost it. My advice to you and to anyone doing the Cohen diet is not to cheat! Once I allowed myself to cheat on one kind of food it adds and adds on. Good luck and have a fun trip!


  5. Happy Anniversary on your blog!  I love your posts and the easy to maneuver layout.  You’ve even inspired me to start my own blog.  More posts and readers on the years ahead.


  6. i really like your blogs, because i feel like we kind of share the same tastes in food and really enjoy restaurant and mixes info. been out of philippines for almost 20 years. thanks for picture. My parents would talk about say, gloria maris, at least I can now see what they are talking about


  7. I live in Chicago, please come visit and I can take you around. My family loves to eat.  We are planning our Spring Break vacation based on what we want to eat, hahaha.


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