Philippine Airlines Lounge in Hong Kong

pal lounge hong kong-12
In Hong Kong Philippine Airlines shares the CNAC VIP Lounge with several airlines. I took an economy flight to Hong Kong last August and I was surprised to get an invitation to use the lounge in Hong Kong thanks to my new Mabuhay Miles Elite card which I got for free from Allied Bank’s World MasterCard.

I thought that I could use the lounge in Manila only. I love my new Mabuhay Miles Elite card. I even got an extra 10 kg. baggage allowance which I put to good use.
mabuhay miles elite

The CNAC VIP lounge is very modern and quite big.
pal lounge hong kong

You can actually see if the Philippine Airlines’ plane has arrived because the gate they usually use (gate 16-18) is just across this lounge.
pal lounge hong kong-1

pal lounge hong kong-2

You can use their PCs or plug in your own laptop and access the airport’s free wifi.
pal lounge hong kong-3

Relax or snooze in style with these lounge chairs.
pal lounge hong kong-4

Don’t bother with this machine. The coffee and hot chocolate it dispensed was crap.
pal lounge hong kong-5

What’s new in this lounge is the kakaaliw automatic pancake maker.
pal lounge hong kong-6

pal lounge hong kong-7

Just push a button and a fresh mini pancake will come out in 60 seconds.
pal lounge hong kong-8

I tried a small piece and was amazed at how good it was.
pal lounge hong kong-9

I didn’t try any of the other food.
pal lounge hong kong-10
penne in vegetable tomato sauce

pal lounge hong kong-11
chicken sausage and siomai

pal lounge hong kong-12

pal lounge hong kong-13

pal lounge hong kong-14
bread and pastries

pal lounge hong kong-15
fish ball soup

pal lounge hong kong-16
strawberry Haagen-Dazs ice cream

pal lounge hong kong-17
salad bar

pal lounge hong kong-18
drinks and jello, fruit cups

pal lounge hong kong-19
alcohol anyone?

pal lounge hong kong-20
junk food

It’s a joy to wait in this lounge just reading newspapers and magazines and when your flight is ready to board you just walk leisurely to the gate. Plus the bathrooms are clean and they also have shower facilities.

6 thoughts on “Philippine Airlines Lounge in Hong Kong

  1. Talaga just show your card and they let you in? Did you show your mabuhay miles elite upon check in or you can flash your card and  walk into the lounge anytime and they’ll let you in? All the while i didnt know you can use the credit card even if you are flying economy ;-(


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