Shaved Ice at Cold Layers

Cold Layers-Something Cheezy
After lunch at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe we tried out the new dessert place at Northeast Square called Cold Layers.

Cold Layers

Cold Layers-1

Cold Layers-2

Cold Layers-3

Not really dessert but these dried mushroom cookies were sold in the store.
Cold Layers-4
dried mushroom cookies

Cold Layers-5

The shaved ice was similar to Lugang Cafe’s version but pushed another notch higher. For one Cold Layers had more flavors and toppings and sauces were added to create several shaved ice concoctions. Out of the 4 kinds we tried my favorite was the seemingly strange creation called Something Cheezy made with the unlikely combination of cheese snow ice, matcha powder and chocolate syrup.

There was something comforting about eating slightly salty, slightly sweet cheese flavored super smooth snowy ice (say that fast 5x). And yes cheese, chocolate and matcha tasted good together.
Cold Layers-Something Cheezy
Something Cheezy P220

Tease Me was made of lychee flavored snow ice, canned lychee and almond pudding. It was just ok for me. Not as yummy as Something Cheezy.
Cold Layers- Tease Me
Tease Me P210

I don’t even remember what this tasted like.
Cold Layers- Nuts About You
Nuts About You P240

Chocolate Lovers was simply chocolate flavored snow ice with chocolate syrup. I liked this the least. The chocolate taste was very mild and watery.
Cold Layers- Chocolate Lover
Chocolate Lover P105

The flavored ice was shaved very finely and layer upon layer was piled into a  bowl. It took a long time for the compact ice to melt. That’s probably why Cold Layers has delivery service too.
Cold Layers- Chocolate Lover-1

Cold Layers-13

Cold Layers-11

I enjoyed dessert at Cold Layers. Snow ice is light, fat free and quite a satisfying change from ice cream.
Cold Layers-12

Cold Layers menu
Cold Layers’ menu
Cold Layers menu-1

Cold Layers menu-2

Cold Layers47 Northeast Square Building, Connecticut Street,
Greenhills, San Juan City, 1503 Manila, Philippines

Delivery – Call 87878

5 thoughts on “Shaved Ice at Cold Layers

  1. “Say that 5x fast.” Hee. Cheeky, Leslie :p I’m not a fan of shaved ice desserts but this store seems worth a shot just because it looks like such a fun novelty.


  2. Looks Great Les!!!!!!!  Hey would like to invite your readers to follow my new blog site  I am also on twitter at as well.  I offer culinary adventures through Southern Ohio and my travels as a military brat.  Would love to have your readers kind input and suggestions.  Thanks!!!!!   Beau


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