Hotel Nikko San Francisco

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-1
In San Francisco the first hotel I stayed at was Hotel Nikko which was so conveniently located in Union Square.

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-2

My friend Ariel got me a good deal for my 2 night stay. I arrived at the hotel around 11:00 am and the room was ready by 2:00 pm.

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-3

The lobby was a floor above street level. There was also a restaurant next to the lobby.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-4

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-5

I got a huge room thanks to an upgrade. There were two queen sized beds which I managed to both use. One was for lying down with my street clothes and the other was the one I actually slept on.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-6

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-10

There was a huge flat screen tv but unfortunately the signal wasn’t all that clear. Another inconvenience was the location of the outlets down below and behind the desk. Good thing I brought my portable extension cord which I bought from Amazon. The Monster travel power strip could be used in countries with both 110v and 220v. This power strip is invaluable when you have to charge your phone, iPad, and camera at the same time.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-7

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-8

The coffee was blah.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-9

This was one of the best and biggest bathrooms I’ve ever encountered. Usually I don’t like over the counter sinks/lavatories but I loved this round and high sided sink. When I washed my face I just leaned my forearms on the edge of the bowl without having to bend too low. As a result there was no water splash on the counter. Fab!
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-11

Hotel Nikko San Francisco-12

I forgot to take a picture of the shower head but it had a 6″ rain shower head and had strong even pressure. Quite a welcome change from typical hotel showers.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-13

They didn’t have slippers in the room so I called and asked for one.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-14

The slippers were comfy and quite durable and not the usual flimsy kind. 2 weeks later I’m still using them.
Hotel Nikko San Francisco-15

Hotel Nikko in San Francisco is a very nice hotel to stay at. There’s a Starbucks at the ground floor that opens at 5:00 am and another branch across the street. Macy’s in just a block at the end of the road and it’s a short, short walk to Westfield mall, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. The Bart, cable car and buses are all nearby too.

Hotel Nikko San Francisco
222 Mason Street San Francisco, California 94102
Telephone: 415-394-1111
Toll-Free Reservations: 800-248-3308
Reservations Fax: 415-394-1159

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