Sarap Pinoy’s Ready Mixes – Bibingka Love

Sarap Pinoy Bibingka
What would your kids say if they came home from school and you have hot, freshly baked bibingka for their merienda? They will probably think you bought it right? Well, now you can honestly say that you made it yourself.

Sarap Pinoy Bibingka -1
Yesterday I received two big boxes of goodies from my friend who makes all these locally made goodies. I’m already very familiar with Galinco’s line of cookies and gulaman but I’ve never tried their native kakanin line under the brand Sarap Pinoy.

We first made the bibingka. The sapin sapin looked more complicated and I’ll try to make it another day.
There are many pancake mixes in the supermarket but I think this is the only bibingka mix. Using the mix was as easy as making instant pancakes. I just gave the box to my cook and it was very easy for her to make.

Sarap Pinoy Bibingka -2

Even if you don’t have fancy molds like this you can even use a rectangular or round aluminum pan. We baked it in an oven toaster.
Sarap Pinoy Bibingka -3

For the readers who are not familiar with bibingka, these are glutinous rice cakes similar to pancakes but with a chewier and denser bite. It’s normally topped with cheese and/or salted egg and served with grated dried coconut. It’s a merienda favorite.

Sarap Pinoy Bibingka -4

I wasn’t expecting much from an instant mix but everyone in our house was simply flabbergasted on how good it was. It tasted almost as good as my favorite bibingka from Via Mare. It’s definitely better than a lot of other commercial bibingkas I’ve tried.
Only 2 tablespoons butter was used in the recipe but it tasted so buttery so I suggest you use the best quality butter to make this bibingka even better.
If I weren’t on a diet I could have easily eaten 2 pieces. I loved the soft yet slightly chewy texture. I specially loved the caramelized crust that formed on top. Plain was good but with cheese was even better.

Sarap Pinoy Bibingka -5

I found this in Unimart. The bibingka mix cost P54.95 a box.
Sarap Pinoy's Bibingka mix in Unimart

With the success of our first ready mix we tried the maja blanca and kutsinta mixes next. I also wanted to try the guinataang bilo-bilo mix but we didn’t have saba, langka and sago on hand.
Sarap Pinoy's ready mixes

I had no idea how kutsinta was made but the instructions were pretty straightforward. Dissolve the contents of the pack and add 1 cup of water. How simple can that be?
Sarap Pinoy's Kutsinta

My cook used mini muffin molds.
Sarap Pinoy's Kutsinta-1

It’s a good thing it fitted in our steamer.
Sarap Pinoy's Kutsinta-2

After 35 minutes we had kutsinta that tasted just like store bought kutsinta. Admittedly I’m not a big fan of this sticky rice cake but this tasted very authentic.
Sarap Pinoy's Kutsinta-3

The Maja Blanca was our last creation.
Sarap Pinoy's Maja Blanca

My cook just added some canned sweet corn and the contents of the packet with water and heated the mixture in a pan. Another easy peasy instant dessert.
Sarap Pinoy's Maja Blanca-1

The texture and flavor of this corn and coconut pudding was spot on. Not too sweet and just the right amount of creaminess.
Sarap Pinoy's Maja Blanca-2

I was very pleased with results of all these ready mixes from Galinco. Obviously my favorite was the bibingka. I always thought if I had to live abroad bibingka is one of the Filipino food that I will miss. Now I can actually bring bibingka with me wherever I go. This would be a great gift for balikbayans.

Hide the boxes and show off your inner Nora Daza and impress your whole family with these all time favorite Filipino treats.  All these products are available at your favorite supermarkets in the baking ingredients aisle.

Grand Alphatech International Corporation (Galinco)
424 Gomezville St., Addition Hills
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
telephone: (632) 723-4353 / 723-4759 / 723-4129 / 723-4122

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  1. The kutsinta mix didn’t turn out right when I cooked it. I did notice the box said wheat flour on it instead of rice.


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