Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

goat cheese, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes mozarepa
As soon as we dropped off our things at the Residence Inn we walked to Eataly for a very late lunch. We had to pass by Bryant Park and we made a quick detour through the park to see The Holiday Shops.

We were there last November but I just found out that they have extended these shops until February 26, 2012. I really wanted to walk leisurely to look at all the quaint shops but we were really hungry and wanted to reach Eataly as soon as possible.
Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-1

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-2

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-3

I managed to take some shots of the shops and eateries I passed by.
Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-4

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-5
Crepe Cafe

A skating rink called Citi Pond was open to the public during the holiday season.
Citi Pond at Bryant Park

I had to stop when I smelled something so good at Toparepa.
Toparepa's mozarepa

I’ve never seen mozarepas before. I thought they were just pancakes. I learned that these were called arepas, a popular snack from Venezuela and other Spanish-speaking countries made from cornmeal. The Americanized version added mozzarella cheese in the middle and the mozarepa was born.
Toparepa's mozarepa-1

Toparepa's mozarepa-2
Toparepa’s menu

Toparepa's mozarepa-4

Toparepa's mozarepa-3

We bought a mozarepa topped with goat cheese, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes to share between 4 adults and 2 kids.
goat cheese, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes mozarepa-1
goat cheese, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes mozarepa $6.50

I loved, loved, loved it! Imagine eating a corn dog with the dog. I really loved the gritty texture and sweetness of the arepa mixed with the gooey mozzarella cheese and contrasted with tangy goat cheese. The flavors from the pesto and sun-dried tomatoes completed the explosion of flavors and texture in the mouth. I hope some enterprising Pinoy would bring mozarepas to Manila. I’m sure his would click here.
goat cheese, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes mozarepa-2

Max Brenner
Max Brenner

My eyes widened as big as those cookies as I gazed in awe. I HAD to buy some cookies!!! The chocolate chunk cookie cost $5 each but they were worth it. It was really huge and loaded with chocolate. I ate bit and pieces of the cookie and it lasted til the next day.
Max Brenner

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-9
Dumpling Soup House

I guess arepas are really popular in NYC. Even this Chinese noodle and dumpling shop sold arepas.
Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-10

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park-8
Big Apple Cider

Bryant Park Grill

I really wish I had more time in New York since I wanted to go back to Bryant Park and check out each and every shop and food store. Alas I never got the chance to go back even though it was just across our hotel. Nevertheless I was happy with our quick stroll and snack in Bryant Park.

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
Special Extended Season
January 14 – February 26, 2012

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  1. Leslie, after reading your past entries of Taipei does your cousin Benjie have mini bus to rent out?  When I am in Taipei need one for my large group of people on business and tour.


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