Food Options at Century City Mall

Vanilla bake shop cupcakes
I should have told Sidney earlier that I wanted to go to Universal Studios. Since we weren’t able to plan it he brought me to Century City Mall instead.

I’ve never been to this outdoor mall. It was pretty nice but I was all shopped out so we just walked around a bit.
Century City Mall Food Court

I was fascinated with the food court though. It didn’t look like any mall food court I’ve ever seen before. The natural light from above made it feel like you were eating outdoors with the benefit of air-conditioning.
Century City Mall Food Court-001
Juicy Bird

The choices were not your usual chains like Panda Express and the like. A lot of them looked really good.
Century City Mall Food Court- Kichi Grill
Kichi Grill

Century City Mall Food Court- Big Fat Pita
Big Fat Pita

Century City Mall Food Court- Charley's Grilled Subs
Charley’s Grilled Subs

Century City Mall Food Court-005

But what really caught my eye was Take A Bao.
Take A Bao
Take A Bao

They had different kinds of noodle soup.
Take A Bao-001

Their main focus was on what we know as cua pao. Instead of just pata tim they had all kinds of creative fillings like pomegranate steak, Thai peanut chicken, crispy panko fish and sweet soy grilled tofu among others. Check out their full menu here.
Take A Bao-002

And since this was L.A. the bao was served with a big helping of fresh Napa salad.
Take A Bao-003

A bao s’more! How creative.
Take A Bao-004

Next we went to vanilla bake shop to buy some goodies to give to my cousin Polly and her family who Sid and I were going to visit.
Vanilla bake shop
vanilla bake shop

Shockingly I resisted buying cookies. They looked so, so tempting though.
Vanilla bake shop-001

Vanilla bake shop-002

Vanilla bake shop-003

These icebox dessert shots were something new.
Vanilla bake shop-004

Vanilla bake shop-005
vanilla bake shop menu

Vanilla bake shop cupcakes

Next Sid showed me RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen owned by the same group as Cheesecake Factory.
RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen
RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen menu

I was really impressed with the decor.
RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen-002

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen-003

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen-004

I love this door! I want to try their food next time I visit L.A.
RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen-005

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen-006

Here’s Polly and Al with new baby O and big sister Lucy.
Polly and Al with kids

Westfield Century City is located in the heart of West Los Angeles, just 15 minutes north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

It’s at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars. Customers receive three hours of free parking.

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