Lunch at Yung Kee Restaurant

century egg with pickled ginger
Last February I was lucky to be sent to Hong Kong to enjoy Disneyland for the first time. In between all the happy rides and scrumptious food my friend Elizabeth and I were able to sneak away for a couple of hours just to eat at Yung Kee.

I can’t remember the last time I ate at Yung Kee since I’m too lazy to cross the harbour just to eat there. Yung Kee is I think the most popular restaurant for Filipinos who go there for the best roast goose and that’s what I was yearning for too.
Yung Kee Restaurant

Yung Kee Restaurant-001

We got there around 3:30 pm and there were still a lot of people eating. It took us that long to get hungry because of the super duper delicious breakfast buffet we had at Enchanted Garden at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.
Yung Kee Restaurant-002

Yung Kee Restaurant-003

We were on the second floor waiting for our number to be called and be seated when they announced that the roast goose was sold out. I exclaimed loudly, “NO!!” and the other people around us chuckled at my dismay.
Yung Kee Restaurant-004

I have some friends who are big fans of Yung Kee’s century egg. I must confess I’ve never tried century egg before. Yes I must be a fake Chinese but the smell and appearance of the black egg really turns me off. I toughened up and tried a small piece. My first bite of the egg white part wasn’t bad at all. It had a jelly like consistency. I almost puked when I ate the yolk part. It tasted rotten and had a putrid smell. I guess it’s really an acquired taste. And it will take me at least a dozen years to have the guts to try it again.
century egg with pickled ginger-001
century egg

I liked the sweet and hot ginger better. I put a piece of pickled ginger in my tea for a change.
tea with ginger

Elizabeth loves jellyfish so we had it for our starter. It was cold and crunchy and had a strong flavor from sesame oil.
jellyfish HK$88

The seasonal qing chao dou miao or pea shoots topped with slivers of smoked ham was exquisite. It was really tender and fresh.
sauteed pea shoots HK$125
sauteed pea shoots HK$125

The smoked silken tofu was quite interesting. The smokey flavor can be tasted all throughout the soft tofu. I specially liked the fried bean curd skin.
deep fried smoked beancurd with special sauce HK$90
deep fried smoked bean curd with special sauce HK$90

The shrimp was tasteless and made me think it was of the frozen variety. The lemon sauce was overpoweringly sweet.
deep fried shrimp with sesame in lemon sauce HK$210
deep fried shrimp with sesame in lemon sauce HK$210

I was quite disappointed not getting to eat roast goose. I wasn’t too impressed with the food we ordered specially with the high price tag. I guess the roast goose is really the main attraction in Yung Kee. I will be back! Watch out for me you sneaky goose.
Yung Kee Restaurant-005

Yung Kee Restaurant
32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

telephone: (852) 2522 1624

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