Mr Bean – It’s All Soy!!!

Mr Bean - icy mocha soy drink  (1)
Move over coffee, milk tea, fruit drinks there’s a new drink in town Manila and it’s all soy!

A friend of mine brought in popular Singaporean franchise, Mr Bean that specialized in all things soy. From soy milk, taho, frozen drinks, ice cream and even pancakes.
Mr Bean

They had classic hot or cold soy milk for the purist. To be honest I have a love-hate affair with soy. I can’t stand regular soy milk but I do love Silk chocolate soy milk. I don’t like soft tofu but I love fried tofu and beancurd skin. I do love taho.

I was happy to see a wide variety of soy products that I wanted to try and hopefully overcome my distaste of soy milk.
Mr Bean menu
Mr Bean menu

Mr Bean menu-001

Mr Bean menu-002

soy benefits

Just like in most milk tea stores you can specify your drink’s level of sweetness. I chose 75% for all the drinks I bought.
Mr Bean -015

Although I went to Mr Bean by myself I bought 2 drinks and 2 pancakes that I was going to share with my employees. I was told that I qualified for a free icy mocha soy milk. Yahoo!!
Mr Bean promo

They also had wasabi soy beans for sale. That’s a healthy snack that I will try next time.
Mr Bean - wasabi soy bean P150
wasabi soy bean P150

Their pancakes are actually just like a popular Japanese dessert called Imagawayaki.
Mr Bean - pancakes

They made my kaya pancake to order.
Mr Bean - pancakes-001

I ordered all frozen drinks – chocolate, watermelon and my free icy mocha. The watermelon tasted really good and refreshing just like a regular fruit shake but with protein from soy. There was only a slight soy taste that disappeared after a few sips. You get the nutrition from fruit and soy all in one drink.

I thought I would like the chocolate best but it turned out to have the strongest soy taste so after a sip I stopped. My favorite was the icy mocha with the least soy after taste and I just loved the strong coffee kick. After a while I stopped thinking about the soy and thoroughly enjoyed my drink/dessert.
Mr Bean - chocolate P100, watermelon P85, icy mocha P100
chocolate P100, watermelon P85, icy mocha P100

Mr Bean - watermelon fruity soy & cheese pancake

At first bite I was taken aback by a different flavor. I later learned that the pancake was made from soy flour. When my tongue hit the cream cheese filling I began to enjoy the yummy and quite satisfying pancake. A small glass of icy mocha and a cheese pancake was my lunch and it kept me full for quite a long time.
Mr Bean - cheese pancake P75
cheese pancake P75

I didn’t like the kaya filling as much. I found it too sweet and not enough coconut flavor. Others love it though. It’s their most popular pancake.  I can’t wait to try their peanut butter and chocolate fillings next time.
Mr Bean - kaya pancake P75

For all those who love frozen sweet drinks give Mr Bean a try. You will get a nutritious high protein drink while enjoying yourself. I heard their lychee pop add on is delicious and I will try that on my next visit.
Mr Bean - icy mocha soy drink

Mr Bean
ES-1 Ground Floor Eastwood Mall,
E Rodriguez Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City

Other branches:

Alabang Town Center
1015 Lower Ground Floor, The Garden New Wing,  Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Lucky China Town Mall (2 branches)
Fifth Floor Unit LCTM FS-508 and 509, 
Reina Regente, Corner Dela Reina St.,
Brgy 293,Zone 28,District 3,Binondo,Manila

Kiosk (opening soon) Ground floor, Unit CT-1

JP Morgan, The Fort

4 thoughts on “Mr Bean – It’s All Soy!!!

  1. Hi, Les! We have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Mr. Bean’s branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall. Thanks for sharing that they have other branches.


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