Dessert at La Crêperie

Apple Crisp a la Mode P245-001
We had an unsatisfactory dinner and shawarma was a bust and my young godson and his brother refused to go home without dessert. We all racked our brains on where to have dessert until Vivian remembered La Crêperie in F. Calderon St. in Little Baguio. To top it off I also had a Deal Grocer coupon for that branch.

To get there go to J. Abad Santos (Alex III) and turn right after Nail Loft. There’s also Tori Box, Eat MY GF and Calderon (tapas) on this strip.
La Creperie (San Juan)

This is my godson Zak who’s nice enough to carry my bag while I take pictures. Zak followed his ninang’s footsteps and also has is own blog. He’s a good writer for such a young man.
La Creperie (San Juan)-001

La Creperie (San Juan)-002

La Creperie (San Juan)-005
2nd floor dining area

La Creperie (San Juan)-004

La Creperie (San Juan)-003

La Creperie menu
La Crêperie menu

Their coffee is not bad at all!!
coffee P85

This was my third time (and 3rd branch) to eat at La Crêperie and it’s been a great experience each time. The staff were kind enough to give in to my request of turning down the lights so I can take a picture of the flambéed crepe. Of all the delicious crepes we had this simple buttery orange flavored crepe was my favorite. Since the flame evaporated most of the alcohol content of the Grand Marnier liqueur it was suitable for kids too.
Crepe Suzette P155
Crepe Suzette P155

Zak chose the apple crisp crepe and it was a good choice.
Apple Crisp a la Mode P245
Apple Crisp a la Mode P245

Tender, crisp slices of cooked apples with oatmeal walnut crisp filled the perfect crepe. The vanilla ice cream just brought everything together.
Apple Crisp a la Mode P245-001

Our third crepe we decided to build our own creation.
make your own crepes

Our crepe was filled with bittersweet chocolate and strawberry slices and topped with sliced almonds (P210).
make your own crepes-001

Whether it’s sweet or savory crepes La Crêperie will definitely fulfill your cravings.

La Crêperie Eastwood and Robinson’s Galleria

La Crêperie
403 F. Calderon St., Bgy. Little Baguio, San Juan, Metro Manila

3 thoughts on “Dessert at La Crêperie

  1. Hi Ninang Les! I was excited to check your blog as always. I was happy to read that you wrote about our yummy La Creperie dessert escapade. And oh, I was surprised to see my face staring at me! And happier even to see that you linked my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That reminds me that I should update it soon. I have two features waiting actually, just finalizing the photos…..I should get tips from you on how to find time to post regularly. Anyway, nice blog on La Creperie. I totally agree with you! 🙂 Makes me want to go back! Hehe! When is our next eating adventure? LOL! Vacation is in two months.


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