Dinner at Edo Japanese Restaurant

beef inaniwa udon MOP$150
We were going to watch House of Dancing Water at the City of Dreams so we went there earlier to have dinner at Edo Japanese Restaurant.

There’s a free shuttle from The Venetian to the City of Dreams. There’s a free shuttle to virtually every hotel in Macao.
free shuttle from The Venetian to City of Dreams

free shuttle from The Venetian to City of Dreams-001

City of Dreams stretch limo

This was my first time to try Edo Japanese Restaurant.
Edo Japanese Restaurant

The interiors were very impressive starting from the entrance.
Edo Japanese Restaurant-001

Edo Japanese Restaurant-002

Edo Japanese Restaurant-003

Edo Japanese Restaurant-004

If you won big in the casino then this is a good restaurant to celebrate at and blow your big bucks. An order of steak costs MOP$4,500 or US$580 or P23,490. The value of MOP$=HK$.

I did some research and found out that A5 BMS12 is about the best grade of Japanese Wagyu Kobe steak that you can get. It’s extremely rare even in Japan. It has the highest marbling of all the different grades of beef.
Edo Japanese restaurant menu

I love uni or sea urchin so I ordered this inspite of it’s high price. The uni was pinkish as to the ones I’ve had in Manila that were beige in color. The flavor was more delicate and creamier. It was worth it.
sea urchin roll MOP$280
sea urchin roll MOP$280

I know I said I’m not a big fan of ramen and it’s true. I love udon more specially Inaniwa udon which is thinner than the regular udon and made in Akita prefecture in Northern Japan.

The broth was simple, clean and had a sweetness from mirin. I loved how they put large, thin slices of raw beef on top of the noodles and poured hot broth over it cooking the beef slowly.
beef inaniwa udon MOP$150-001
beef inaniwa udon MOP$150

I just wish the Inaniwa udon was more al dente. Nevertheless I finished it all. Yum!!!
beef inaniwa udon MOP$150-002

Instead of the usual unagi (eel) on rice I convinced my mom to go wild and order the 3 fish combo instead. It was so much better! The black cod and mackarel were perfectly cooked. As a bonus there were also slices of pork which was probably the tastiest of them all.
eel, black codfish & mackarel on rice  MOP$320
eel, black codfish & mackarel on rice MOP$320

My dad ordered the best dish of the night. In Western countries you will hardly see fish sold with the head. In Asia we need to see the head of the fish to tell whether it’s fresh. An added bonus is the meat in the jaw is the best part. A lot of people like to eat the eyes too.
boiled yellowhead's tail in soy sauce MOP$330
boiled yellowhead’s tail in soy sauce MOP$330

In this picture you can see the jaw or panga of the yellowtail fish.
boiled yellowhead's tail in soy sauce MOP$330-001

The meat was incredibly buttery soft. There was so much meat too. This was definitely everyone’s favorite dish.
boiled yellowhead's tail in soy sauce MOP$330-002

Look how tiny the lobster look beside the humongous King Crab. Well at least I think that’s a King Crab.
live lobster and king crab

I was mesmerized watching the mouth of the giant King Crab move with the tentacles move in wiggling about. It felt like one of the creatures from Men in Black.
king crab

Click on the images below to see a bigger view of their partial menu.

Edo Japanese restaurant menu-001
Rice Bowl
Edo Japanese restaurant menu-002
Edo Japanese restaurant menu-003
A La Carte

They have branches in other hotels in Macao. Check their website for more information. Trust me it’s worth a visit.

Edo Japanese Restaurant
Shop 1101, Level 1, The Boulevard, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau
telephone: (853)2882 4818

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