Yellow Chicken Festival at Wee Nam Kee, Glorietta 2

steamed & roasted chicken combo
My friends and I recently went to Wee Nam Kee in Glorietta 2 just to try their imported yellow chicken used in their famous Hainanese chicken. The last time I ate at Wee Nam Kee was when they just opened their first branch in Manila in 2010. Now they have 6 branches already.

Wee Nam Kee (Glorietta 2)

Wee Nam Kee (Glorietta 2)-001

Wee Nam Kee (Glorietta 2)-002

I love the interiors of this branch. They had 2 function rooms good for 60 guests.
Wee Nam Kee (Glorietta 2)-003

Wee Nam Kee (Glorietta 2)-004

Wee Nam Kee (Glorietta 2)-005

My friends tried out their drinks and the cucumber lime fizz got the highest praise.
mango mint smoothie & cucumber lime fizz
mango mint smoothie P105 & cucumber lime fizz P120

I love barley in my soup but barley in a sweet drink takes getting used to.
iced barley juice
iced barley juice P55

Wee Nam Kee

Wee Nam Kee Yellow Chicken Festival

Hailed as the Wagyu, Kobe, and Kurobuta of chicken because of its premium quality, this top-grade meat is prized for its extraordinary juiciness, flavor, and tenderness. The Yellow Chicken owes its color and additional fat content to a secret composed primarily of corn, which makes the meat more succulent. 
yellow chicken vs. local chicken
yellow chicken vs. local chicken

dark soy sauce, pounded ginger & chili sauce
dark soy sauce, pounded ginger & chili sauce

Personally I liked the roasted version more. The chicken was plump, tender and very flavorful. With a generous topping of pounded ginger and dark soy sauce I can easily finish all of this.
steamed & roasted chicken combo
steamed & roasted chicken combo (medium good for 3-4 pax) P488

The rice was a little dry but I didn’t mind since it wasn’t greasy. It still had the chicken flavor from rendered chicken fat.
Wee Nam Kee chicken rice
Wee Nam Kee chicken rice P40 per cup

If you like Singaporean chili crab but don’t want to go through the mess of eating with your hands then try the clams which used exactly the same yummy sauce. I found the default sauce to be not spicy at all. If you like more heat like me be sure to ask them to make it spicier.
fried clams in spicy sauce-001
fried clams in spicy sauce

The fried mantou was perfect for dipping into the sauce. I guarantee you will mop up every last bit of the sauce.
fried mantou
fried mantou

Their mantou had an extra crispy bottom which I really liked.
fried mantou-001

sambal kang kong
sambal kang kong P199

I was really curious how Marmite, a very salty spread made from yeast extract, would taste like on cooked food. The tender pork tasted just like it’s sweet and sour cousin. I couldn’t discern any Marmite flavor. Kids would like this dish a lot.
Marmite pork ribs
Marmite pork ribs P270

You know when you’re in a Chinese restaurant and you can’t decide between mango sago or mango pudding for dessert? Well with this genius dessert you get both at once.
mango sago pudding
mango sago pudding P185

The bottom layer was a smooth and rich panna cotta, the middle layer was a tapioca pudding and the top was a mango gelée. The texture and flavor was wonderful. I just hated that I had to share with three people. Next time I want one just for me.
mango sago pudding-001

The concept of using roti for dessert was a good one specially when topped with sautéed saba bananas, peanuts and milk tea sauce. I just wish the roti was softer and chewier rather than fried to a crisp.
warm roti with milk tea sauce
warm roti with milk tea sauce P115

Thanks for lunch Linfred. Di Kim, my friends and I enjoyed our meal with much gusto. I hope you weren’t too shocked by our appetites.

Diners who want to sample this exquisite delicacy can indulge in delicious servings of Yellow Chicken for a limited time only from May 1 to June 30. This imported treat will only be served up in two branches, specifically Serendra at Bonifacio Global City and Glorietta 2 in Makati.

Wee Nam Kee Manila menu

Wee Nam Kee
Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati
telephone: 478-8477

Serendra, McKinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
telephone: 822-7095


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