Breakfast for Dinner at Wild Honey

Three Interdeterminate Lines by Bernar Venet
Three Interdeterminate Lines by Bernar Venet

I gave up my precious free time supposedly for shopping the Great Singapore Sale to meet with my dear friend and blogger Frannywanny and I didn’t mind one bit. Fran and her hubby Paul just moved to Singapore and I promised her I would visit her. 

Both Fran and my cousin Jim suggested Wild Honey as a place I should try so I agreed to meet them at Scotts Square which was just across Ion Orchard where I was supposed to go shopping. 



Since I arrived early I went to the basement level to Maison Kayser for some French goodies. 

I wanted to buy the super, duper delicious dark chocolate chip cookies which I bought in their Hong Kong store (I have yet to blog about this) but they didn’t have the same varieties in Singapore. I just bought the chocolate hazelnut cookie which wasn’t bad but it was no comparison to the cookie I was looking for. The brownie was very dense and fudgy. 

Maison Kaiser cookie & brownie

I also bought the Earl Grey tea and dried orange peel bread for my breakfast the next day since I didn’t like the offerings at Days Hotel. It would have tasted better if I had access to a toaster but it was more satisfying than what I would have eaten at the buffet. 
Maison Kaiser Singapore bread


It seems serving breakfast fare all day is not only popular in Manila but also in Singapore with places like Wild Honey. 

Wild Honey Scott Square


Wild Honey at Scotts Square

I already knew what I wanted to order but seeing the huge cranberry scones and mushroom quiche in the store display put me in a quandary. 

cranberry scones

mushroom quiche

Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Wild Honey at Scotts Square

 I was so happy to see Fran and Paul even though it was only a few months since I last saw them in Manila. I also want to thank Fran for making the trip to Singapore happen. 

Fran, Paul and my cousin Jim
Fran, Paul and my cousin Jim


Fran was on a diet (bad word) so she just ordered a salad topped with thick brioche bread (carbs) and goat cheese which I didn’t see but she assured me was somewhere under the bread tent.

goat cheese salad S$16
goat cheese salad S$16


She had a side order of fresh mushrooms to cheer her up.

sautéed shitake & button mushrooms
sautéed shitake & button mushrooms S$6


Paul lost a substantial amount of weight (hate him ;p) in Singapore so he deserved this humongous sandwich filled with scrambled eggs, back bacon, tomatoes, Swiss Cheese and smoked paprika aioli. I’m sure it was good since there was no leftovers.

I tried some of those potatoes and I couldn’t believe how good it was. Could it be a different kind of potato or was it fried in duck fat? Whatever their secret in cooking the potatoes was we all loved it! 

breakfast hangover sandwich
breakfast hangover sandwich S$20


My cousin Jim had the English breakfast which was a buffet on a plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, Cumberland sausage, awesome potatoes, baked beans and grilled tomato with their signature brioche. My cousin may be slim but he sure can pack away lots of food. Just like Paul his plate was shining white when he was done. I guess that meant everything passed his taste or he was just really hungry. 

English breakfast - S$24
English breakfast – S$24


I deliberately chose something I haven’t seen in any menu in Manila and that’s the Tunisian which was served in a cast iron pan. My breakfast was actually of Tunisian origin and is called Shakshouka, a dish of eggs in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, red peppers, onions & chili and lots of sliced chorizo. 

Tunisian breakfast S$19
Tunisian breakfast S$19


I really liked the combination of oozing egg yolk, spicy tomato sauce and chorizo eaten with their soft, thick brioche. They weren’t stingy with the chorizo slices either. All I left behind were all the diced hard red pepper since I’m really fond of that. It was a good breakfast dinner and I enjoyed the experience of eating something I’ve never had before. 

shakshouka with chorizo & fried eggs


We had a fabulous night catching up on gossip and news that the manager had to inform us they were closing soon. Hello? Closing at 9:00 pm? Since we weren’t ready to part company they walked with me to Ion Orchard Mall to meet up with my companions to have dessert. 

Monique, Alya & Eros
Monique, Alya & Eros


I was thrilled to find green tea gelato. It was the first time I’ve encountered matcha flavor in an Italian dessert and I must say they did an excellent job of infusing a strong green tea flavor in the creamy gelato.

green tea gelato
green tea gelato


Thanks for the breakfast dinner Fran and Paul and I will see you again in Singapore one of these days!!!

 Wild Honey Menu
All Day Breakfast, Sandwiches & Salads, Sweet Things, Beverages

Wild Honey
3rd Floor Scott’s Square
6 Scott’s Road, Singapore 238897
telephone: 6636-1816 (they accept reservations)

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