Cohen Lifestyle Seafood & Vegetarian Meals

Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- shrimp & mango salad
My cousins and friends will surely gasp on the title alone. They know I seldom order seafood or veggies when we eat out. My favorite food to order pre-diet was pasta. I was your typical carb lover.

The good thing about the Cohen Lifestyle diet was it forced me to eat seafood and veggies and now I actually enjoy it. The food we can eat on this diet is limited and so are the spices. It takes a lot of thinking and planning of my weekly menu so I won’t get bored and tired of the food.

These pictures are just guides for those on the same diet. Please follow your allowed food portion when you cook these recipes.

Before I would eat shrimp only if it was tempura or fried or the occasional gambas. Now I love it with a green salad, mango and tomatoes just like the first picture. I spritz some balsamic vinegar with a drop of olive oil for my dressing.

Sauté some shrimp with garlic and season with your desired spices. I paired it with a mixture of bok choy and cauliflower. Presentation helps too. I’m so blessed with a cook with a flair for plating.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- shrimp & veggies
shrimp and veggies 

In this dish bok choy was sautéed with shrimp and crabmeat. Obviously bok choy has become my favorite veggie next to romaine lettuce and arugula.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- shrimp & bok choy
shrimp, crabmeat and bok choy stir fry

Once a week I have my favorite crab cakes either with a salad or bok choy. To make this simply add a teaspoon of diet mayonnaise, 2 crackers crushed, lemon juice, salt & pepper to crabmeat. Form into patties and pan fry. I don’t miss the regular greasy crab cakes.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- crab cakes
crab cakes 

Simply sauté veggies with crabmeat.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- crabmeat & bok choy saute
crabmeat and bok choy 

Stuff the squid with chopped tomatoes, onions and grill or steam. Slice when cooked. Another variation which I love even more is to add chopped mushroom to the tomato mixture.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- stuffed squid
stuffed squid 

Slice squid and sauté with garlic and add a dash of chili powder if desired.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- garlic squid & bok choy
garlic squid and bok choy 

I’m not very fond of canned tuna unless it’s swimming in mayonnaise. But I eat it once in a while. Mix tuna flakes with apple cubes and flavor with some lemon juice and pepper. Pile on top of lettuce and enjoy this hearty meal.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals - tuna salad
tuna salad 

I really dislike cauliflower but I tried to eat it this way. Steam the cauliflower until tender.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- tuna & cauliflower burger

Mash with a fork and season.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- tuna & cauliflower burger-1

Add tuna flakes and form into a patty and pan fry.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- tuna & cauliflower burger-2

Needless to say I only made this recipe once. It wasn’t bad but I just don’t like the taste of cauliflower. Even when mashed.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- tuna & cauliflower burger-3
tuna and cauliflower

Place the fish on parchment paper or aluminum foil, top with tomatoes, onions and mushroom or veggies of your choice. Fold the paper well and steam. Unbelievably yummy!
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- fish in parchment paper
fish in parchment paper 

Asparagus is another veggie I’m not too keen on. So this was a one time dish too.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- fish & asparagus
fish and asparagus

Pan searing is my favorite way of cooking fish. Season the fish with fresh dill or thyme, salt & pepper then place in a hot pan. Do not flip until you see the top of the fish is almost white. Then flip the fish and cook for just a few minutes more.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- pan seared sole fish
pan seared sole fish

I got the idea for this dish from a recipe of Martha Stewart. Spray some olive oil on a baking dish put the fish, mushroom and tomato. Spray some more oil on top of the fish and veggies. Season and bake for ten minutes or until the fish is cooked.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- baked tilapia with mushroom & tomato
baked tilapia with mushroom and tomato 

Initially I thought a purely vegetarian meal would leave me hungry. I was surprised that I was just as full without any meat or seafood.

I have a salad made with romaine lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, mushroom and feta cheese every Saturday lunch. It’s really, really good.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- feta cheese salad

I tried making a Cohen style pizza. In the first bowl is lightly sautéed shimeji mushroom, arugula and chopped tomatoes (or any toppings you like). Surprisingly mozzarella cheese is allowed on this diet but I rarely have it. For the base of the crust I used 2 crispbreads (Wasa brand).
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- Cohen pizza

Pile all the veggies on the crispbread.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- Cohen pizza-1

Place it on a tray and top with all your allowed mozzarella cheese. I used a toaster oven to make this.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- Cohen pizza-2

Bake until the cheese melts. It was actually good and very filling but I’d rather eat my crackers separately rather than use it with a meal that’s why I’ve only made this once.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- Cohen pizza-3
Cohen style pizza 

I pressed a square of tofu in between paper towels and a heavy weight on top to release excess moisture. I coated the tofu with chili powder, salt and pepper and pan fried it until golden brown.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- tofu steak with mushroom sauce

Next I sautéed some mushrooms and topped it on the tofu steak. It’s good but somehow I miss the Japanese restaurant style where the tofu is breaded with panko and deep fried.
Cohen Lifestyle Seafood Meals- tofu steak with mushroom sauce-1
tofu steak with mushroom sauce

I’m happy to report that after 5 months on this diet my blood pressure has gone down, my acid reflux has disappeared and I’ve lost lots of weight. So eating the same food over and over again for a few months is not a big thing when the benefits outweigh the sacrifice.

Meat and chicken dishes on Monday.

More Cohen Recipes:

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30 thoughts on “Cohen Lifestyle Seafood & Vegetarian Meals

  1. I have to say, these dishes look amazing! It doesn’t even look like it’s a diet menu. I especially love the ones with bok choy, the pizza, and tofu with mushrooms. Will let our cook try some of these! Yum!!


  2. Hi Les!  Great post.  You should come up with a compilation of your Cohen recipes with matching pictures and include those in the Cohen Recipe Book they gave us.  🙂  Thanks for sharing your meals.  


  3. thanks so much… I’ve been cheating a lot on my Cohen diet bec I dont know how to cook and it’s so tedious to prepare everything. Your posts really inspired me not to cheat since they look yummy. i will print them and post them in my kitchen. For breakfast, if im on a rush, i blend my plain yoghurt w sweet mangoes , ice, a bit water and a pack of splenda.  to make my smoothie…


  4. In the beginning I used to make a smoothie just like you did but I found that eating yogurt with chunks of fruit and splenda is more filling and satisfying. You can prepare the yogurt with cut up fruit in a container and leave it in the ref the night before and you can eat it on the go! Try it.


  5. My brother is in the Cohen diet and he has lost quite a lot of weight, as well as hair! He’s still on it but the hairloss was quite severe. It seems to be a common side effect of going on these diets for an extended period of time (6 months in his case).


  6. Thanks big help. Where can you buy shelled crab meat? I found the senorita brand but it is mixed with flour and i don’t think flour is allowed in cohen dieting.


  7. I just started with my cohen eating plan today and already panicking on how else to cook my allowed dishes. Your recipes are a blessing. Keep them coming please.


  8. Wow you’re very creative! Ü *slow.clap* i tried cohen diet too, lost 40lbs in 3 months but i didnt get to my goal weight coz i got pregnant… Now im strugling coz ive tried to get on the diet again for 4 times now but i always end up cheating and cancelling the diet altogether 😦 im on my 5th try now but i just finished a cup of nonfat green tea latte and a bar of magnum :-/ oh my… I need a support group!! 😥


  9. Hi! I just wanted to tell you how helpful your Cohen recipes have been to me. All 3 blog posts are bookmarked in my laptop & phone and I refer to them EVERYDAY. I’m not kidding. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. Now, if I only I could plate my meals the same way. 🙂


  10. I miss crabmeat but haven’t figured out how to include in the cohen diet. We’re supposed to weigh everything before cooking, so how do you manage to de-shell the crab and weigh the meat prior to cooking it? Or do you lightly steam the crab first then deshell and weigh?


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