HK: Dinner #1 at Brickhouse

To go to one of Hong Kong’s most popular Mexican restaurants/watering hole you need mad navigation skills, a good gps map on your smartphone or a Hong Kong native to bring you. Luckily I have my friend and HK resident, Sharon to show me the way to Brickhouse.

The most popular restaurants in HK now have a few things in common – no reservations, limited seats and unique locations. This was the reason for meeting up with Sharon and her hubby Myu in Central at 6:00 pm. We met at the Coach store along Queens rd. and a few minutes later she led me to this alley with graffiti on the wall. 

Brickhouse HK

You see those stools? Go late and you will sit there. 

Brickhouse HK-001

The golden sign that reassured me Sharon wasn’t leading me to a place to get mugged. 

Brickhouse HK-002

Umbrella stand. 

Brickhouse HK-003

You can tell space is a premium here. 

Brickhouse HK-004

Brickhouse HK-005

Even at 6:00 pm the place was on it’s way to getting full. 

Brickhouse HK-006

Brickhouse HK-007

 Myu doesn’t drink alcohol so this pitcher was just for Sharon and me. 

Brickhouse Margarita
Brickhouse Margarita


Take some fresh corn, roll it in mayonnaise, sprinkle  some chili, squeeze on some lime and roll in Mexican cheese and you’ll get one of the yummiest ways to eat corn. I loved this so much I could have eaten all three if we weren’t going to dinner #2 after this. You read right. I was pressed for time in HK and wanted to try so many restaurants so we had pace ourselves. Sharon was also my companion during our infamous back to back to back eating spree in Sheung Wan.

Mexican style street corn HK$55
Mexican style street corn HK$55


For me to try all the taco variants Sharon ordered the taco platter with pork, fish, veggie, ribeye and chicken. Each one had its own kind of sauce and condiments. We split each one into 3 pieces except for the veggie which I voluntarily gave up my share.  

taco platter HK$240
taco platter HK$240

Brickhouse HK- taco platter

The first one I tried was the ribeye which I’ve never had in any Mexican restaurant. I don’t know what sauce was on the beef but this tender morsel was my favorite of all. When I go back to Brickhouse I’m ordering a solo portion for myself. 

ribeye taco
ribeye taco


Next to the ribeye I liked the pork then the chicken next. I wasn’t too fond of the bland fish taco which was no comparison to Tacombi’s famous fish tacos which I was able to try in Singapore.

chicken taco
chicken taco


I don’t know why I have a picture of the veggie taco since I didn’t even try it. After these 3 pictures I stopped shooting and concentrated on eating.

veggie taco
veggie taco


Thirty minutes later the place was packed. When you go to Brickhouse look for the two Pinoy servers who were really friendly.

Brickhouse HK-018


Brickhouse HK-019

Brickhouse HK menu (click to enlarge)
Brickhouse HK menu (click to enlarge)

Brickhouse HK menu

Brickhouse HK menu-002

If you can pull yourself away from all the delicious Chinese food in Hong Kong, a visit to Brickhouse is the change in cuisine that you need and will appreciate. 

G/F, 20A D’Aguilar Street, Central
Mon-Thu 17:00-03:00, Fri-Sat 17:00-05:00

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