Breakfast at Antonio’s 2013

Breakfast at Antonio's-002

Happy New Year everyone!! Sorry for the loooong absence but I was on vacation and got sick over the holidays. It wasn’t fun staying in bed from December 24-25 but I’m glad that the nasty bug is gone now. 

 I heard the traffic to Tagaytay over the holidays was horrendous. It took some people up to 5 hours to make the roughly 56 km. trip. It was a good thing I tagged along with my friend Deb who brought her daughter and classmates from around Asia for brunch  last December 6. It was a weekday and it took us only 1.5 hours to drive there. I would go to Tagaytay just to eat at Antonio’s any day of the week. 

Breakfast at Antonio's-003


We had the place almost to ourselves. 

Breakfast at Antonio's-005

Breakfast at Antonio's-006

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Breakfast at Antonio's-008

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refillable coffee P180


One of the kids ordered this fabulous looking chorizo sandwich.

chorizo sandwich
chorizo sandwich


Almost everyone ordered a breakfast dish except one smart guy who had this roast chicken.

Roast Chicken stuffed w: Rosemary & Garlic Potato P600
Roast Chicken stuffed with Rosemary & Garlic Potato P600


You can have the ham switched for smoked salmon in the Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon P400
Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon P400


Their Eggs Benedict is one of their signature dishes. I tried some and it was indeed delicious because of the generous portion of ham and sinful Hollandaise sauce. I just didn’t like the too soft English muffins which tasted like hamburger buns to me.

Eggs Benedict P400
Eggs Benedict P400


I loved the roesti so much the first time I ate it I recommended it to everyone and a majority ordered it. The roesti was made up of a base of Swiss crispy potato pancake and topped with a choice of meat (pastrami, roast beef, chorizo, mushroom, etc.), Swiss cheese and over easy eggs. This dish is perfect because it isn’t too heavy and you get the perfect combination of textures and flavors. 

Fresh Corned Beef Roesti w: Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350
Fresh Corned Beef Roesti with Swiss Cheese & Over Easy Eggs P350


I ordered the savory crepe since I wanted something new but without rice.

Stuffed Crepe P310
Stuffed Crepe P310


The crepe was generously stuffed with smoked ham, tomatoes, garlic, chillis, cheddar & tomato sauce. It was very filling and good but not very exciting. I must say they have very good ham which was firm, meaty and not too salty. Breakfast at Antonio's- Stuffed Crepe P310-001


The next time I go back I will definitely order the salty, flaky, tender cod fish with uber good garlic fried rice. It’s one of the most expensive item on the menu but imported cod fish is really expensive.  The portion of fish looked small but after tasting how salty and full flavored it was I think I will be able to finish the garlic rice and eggs with it. 

Daing na Gindara P775
Daing na Gindara P775


Maybe I can request for more alcohol next time.

Frozen Granny Smith Mojito P285
Frozen Granny Smith Mojito P285


As if we weren’t full yet we ordered a bevy of desserts. A MUST is the Jaffa Orange pancakes. Rich, dark chocolate pancakes served with orange segments in Grand Marnier and vanilla ice cream. If you don’t like chocolate and orange like I do you will love it after this creation.

 Jaffa Orange Pancakes P250
Jaffa Orange Pancakes P250
Orange Flambée Crepe P230
Orange Flambée Crepe P230


A burst of orange goodness inside the crepe.

Breakfast at Antonio's- Orange Flambée Crepe P230-001


Two thumbs up on the dense New York style cheesecake. 

NY Cheesecake
NY Cheesecake


They should ease up on the salt on the overly salty caramel on the otherwise scrumptious chocolate truffle cheesecake. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake
Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake


Once again everyone was happy with their meal at Breakfast at Antonio’s. It’s so near Manila I don’t know why I don’t go there every week. There’s so many things on the menu I want to try but I have favorites like the roesti and Jaffa pancakes and I don’t know when I’ll ever get to try the tapa, cheddar n’ bacon waffle and chicken and mushroom pie. I guess I just have to go to Tagaytay more often. 

Breakfast at Antonio’s
Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City, Batangas, Philippines
telephone: +63 (46) 413-0738
hours: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

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