Mario’s Baguio

When I was much younger I didn’t eat salad except for Mario’s Caesar salad specially the one in Baguio. Finally after so many years I wanted to find out if their salad was still as good as I remembered.  

Mario's Baguio

Mario's Baguio -001

Mario's Baguio -002\

We ordered 5 Caesar salads and split it among 10 of us. If I knew how the other food would taste like I should have ordered a whole portion for myself.  You can taste the strong garlic flavor and saltiness of the anchovies in the well balanced dressing. I’m glad their Caesar salad still tasted exactly the same as I remember. Mario's Baguio - Caesar Salad P255

Caesar Salad P255


Almost everyone ordered and loved the French onion soup. I passed on soup because I wanted to save my tummy for the paella. 

Mario's Baguio - French Onion Soup P190
French Onion Soup P190
Mario's Baguio - Sopa de Mariscos P210
Sopa de Mariscos P210
Mario's Baguio - Gambas Al Ajillo P325
Gambas Al Ajillo P325


I love chorizo but this was beyond salty! No amount of bread or rice can balance out the saltiness of the chorizo. I asked the waiter if they made a mistake and he replied with conviction that’s how they do it. Really? 

Mario's Baguio - Chorizo Fritos P215
Chorizo Fritos P215


As good as the paella looked it suffered the same fate as the chorizo. One paellera was saltier than the other and we had to return it. The other one had super salty parts and some less. We took most it home.

Mario's Baguio - Paella Valenciana
Paella Valenciana


Thankfully the bacalao (salted cod) tasted normal.

Mario's Baguio - Bacalao P625
Bacalao P625


The steak wasn’t bad either.

Mario's Baguio - Steak a la Pobre P595
Steak a la Pobre P595


Other than the excellent Caesar salad and French onion soup the dinner was mostly disappointing.

Mario's Baguio -011

Upper Session Road, Baguio City
telephone: 074-4424241

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