Philippine Food Expo – Everything Else

bottled milkfish, sardines, squid locally made ricotta and fruits in syrup chevre and pimento neufchatel cheese sardines pate yummy vigan longaniza shallots and garlic from Ilocos avocado cake calamansi tea cake (i found it too sweet & no calamansi taste) mushroom empanada tomato relish, tomato sweets and sundried tomatoes dried taro for making laing

Philippine Food Expo – Beverages

calamansi and mangosteen concentrates tamarind concentrate fruit wines lambanog – flavored coconut vodka super expensive cordillera coffee soybean coffee corn coffee ginger tea spanish hot chocolate made from tablea Batidor is used to thicken the spanish chocolate. Put the stick between your hands and rub your hands non-stop. chocolate tablea healty hot chocolate drink wheatgrassContinue reading “Philippine Food Expo – Beverages”

Philippine Food Expo – It’s All About Snacks

crispy dried anchovies that are not salty crispy dried squid fried squid rings fried crablets, shrimp and squid green mussels chips! arrowroot cookies (araro) HOP – house of polvoron chocovron – chocolate covered polvoron for export suman is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves different types of suman macapuno candiesContinue reading “Philippine Food Expo – It’s All About Snacks”

Philippine Food Expo – Fruit Based

regular sized mangoes with mini me mangoes hot mango sampaloc mango concentrate okra for export to Japan green mango concentrate yellow mango concentrate dried green mangoes These fresh frozen fruits are exported to Korea. Some are dipped in Chocolate. I wanted to try one but this was one of my last stops and I wasContinue reading “Philippine Food Expo – Fruit Based”

Philippine Food Expo – Malunggay

Malunggay is a popular tree in the Philippines. In English it is called Moringa Oleifera. The leaves are highly nutritious, being a significant source of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, protein, iron and potassium. I think this is the year of the Malunggay. It’s being made into beverages, chips, noodles and even soap. Moringa powder can beContinue reading “Philippine Food Expo – Malunggay”

Philippine Food Expo – Healthy Stuff

I was very impressed with these bars. The owner was very helpful in explaining each variety and letting me try a lot of them. I ate one bar late in the afternoon and was quite full from it. The bars are light and crisp and not too sweet. The Muesli-Granola Kitchen and Bakeshoptelephone: 0917-8118673email: thehappyfood@gmail.comContinue reading “Philippine Food Expo – Healthy Stuff”

Philippine Food Expo 2009

I went to the Philippine Food Expo 2009 at SM Megamall’s trade hall which was held from March 5-8, 2009. I was surprised that majority of the food showcased was all about healthy alternatives. It took me 3 hours to finish the fair which occupied all 3 trade halls in SM. I got so tiredContinue reading “Philippine Food Expo 2009”