What’s Hot at SOS!

SOS is my store where I sell food and other kinds of nourishment. Of all the snack items I carry, Oishi’s Marty’s Cracklin’ outsells everything by leaps and bounds. It must be the promise of a vegetarian chicharon (pork rind) that has 0% cholesterol and is guilt free. It’s really amazing how they got the texture, bite and mouth feel of the real pork chicharon. The subtle vinegar flavor also enhances the chicharon eating experience. Although a few find the vinegar taste too strong. For me it’s just perfect. I sell 2 to 4 cases a day. Maybe it’s because my customers can’t find this product in any supermarket. It pays to have some connection. Thanks Kevin and Rinby!

It doesn’t look so good but it tastes great! And sooo addicting.

Ssshhhh… don’t tell anyone about the calories. It’s vegetarian!

ChocoMani is the grown up chocnut of our youth. It’s more dense, peanut buttery and less sweet than the original chocnut. It’s simply yummier!

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