Dinner at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

Cafe de Coral's New Zealand Sirloin Steak
Whenever I go to Hong Kong I eat at Cafe de Coral at least once. The food is cheap, good and there is always new specials.

Since I was on a diet when I went to Hong Kong last August I didn’t think I would find anything to eat there. Thankfully they had a new promotion on New Zealand steaks.
Cafe de Coral Hong Kong menu
NZ sirloin steak menu (click to enlarge)

They also had a wintermelon soup menu wherein you choose the food you want and it was served with a clear soup inside a wintermelon.
Cafe de Coral Hong Kong menu-1
wintermelon soup menu

This menu is for their all time favorites.
Cafe de Coral Hong Kong menu-2

I chose the New Zealand sirloin steak which came with the cream soup under puff pastry. The steak came with an option for gravy or tomato sauce. I chose the gravy not that I could eat it. I actually shared this with my mom. I just ate half the steak without the butter. The steak was quite good and tender. I just wish they had a salad or sautéed veggies which I can order on the side. Oh well at least I had the tomato for my veggie.
Cafe de Coral's New Zealand Sirloin Steak
New Zealand sirloin steak HK$48

My dad chose the wintermelon soup with the dried seafood rice. I tried a little rice and it was soooooo good! It reminded me of our local Chinese favorite ‘kiampung’ but this was even more flavorful.
Cafe de Coral's wintermelon soup with dried seafood rice in lotus leaf
wintermelon soup with dried seafood rice in lotus leaf HK$44

I’ve written about how Cafe de Coral served the best hot milk tea or ‘nai cha‘ I’ve ever had.  Well, I’m happy to report that their coffee is just as spectacular. It’s strong, fragrant and a great deal at HK$10. Starbucks’ brewed coffee costs HK$27.  If you buy the coffee in the afternoon it costs only HK$8 or HK$5 with your afternoon snack.
Cafe de Coral's brewed coffee
brewed coffee HK$10

It was with their iced coffee that I fell in love with. It tasted just like Vietnamese iced coffee, strong with a touch of condensed milk. I had this last iced coffee at the airport.
Cafe de Coral's iced coffee
iced coffee HK$12

You really can’t go wrong with the food in Cafe de Coral specially if you have to eat rice. Most of their meals are served with a huge serving of rice. I’m just happy they had food without rice.

6 thoughts on “Dinner at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

  1. Hey. Second post here. The advertisement that you have is truly distracting. Not only is the advertisement irritating, it is just sooo loud and it is so annoying. Hopefully you can do something about it.Thanks!


  2. Hello!
    I am not sure if you will be able to read my post – I hope so.

    I would like to ask how to get to Cafe de Coral and what time are they open…?
    I’ve checked out their location on google maps (3D at that! Felt like I was playing Counterstrike) and no such luck =( tried searching how to reach this area but haven’t really found the answer.
    I have already posted in a forum and still no reply…

    Hope you can help me please. Thank you!


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