Chicharron ni Mang Juan

Two years after Oishi came out with the popular vegetarian chicharon, Marty’s Cracklin’, Jack n’ Jill finally came out with their own version which I got to try while we were in Tagaytay last March. There were two variants, espesyal suka’t sili (special vinegar with chili) and sukang paombong (palm vinegar).espesyal suka’t sili This variantContinue reading “Chicharron ni Mang Juan”

California Crunch Cassava Chips

I received an email if I wanted to try a new product in the Philippine market, California Crunch cassava chips. I immediately said yes! I love chips and if I could find a healthier option to potato chips than the dreaded baked potato chips then bring them on. I’ve tried Arico cassava chips, a brandContinue reading “California Crunch Cassava Chips”

Oishi Wafu & Strip Fries

I love Oishi’s products. I’ve featured their gourmet picks potato chips and Sponge, Plunge and Pillows. I’m not connected in anyway to Oishi except that my cousin Kevin works there. He always gives me the heads up on their new products so I can order and sell it in my store, Small Office Solutions. LastContinue reading “Oishi Wafu & Strip Fries”

Have you tried Dirty potato chips?

No, they’re not really dirty. Those are cracked pepper on the chips. Filipinos love junk food and one of the most loved is potato chips. There are several local and imported brands of potato chips in the Philippines and they are all selling well. I think the market is big enough for even more brandsContinue reading “Have you tried Dirty potato chips?”

Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips

After the bestseller Marty’s Cracklin, Oishi comes out with another sure hit. Oishi Gourmet Picks potato chips in 3 flavors – Wasabi & Nori, Natural Sea Salt and Kimchi. No wonder Oishi is no. 1 in China, they are very innovative with new products and flavors that will suit all palates. The packaging is alsoContinue reading “Oishi Gourmet Picks Potato Chips”

Healthy Options Junk Food Haul

I am thankful for a store like Healthy Options who provide health conscious eaters like me more options (to the readers who know me, stop laughing!). I went there today to get my healthy junk food. No that’s not an oxymoron. I happened to watch the Today show’s feature on healthy snacking and they showedContinue reading “Healthy Options Junk Food Haul”