X-Mini II speaker and Panasonic LX 3 Accessories

I wanted to buy a hotshoe cover (P600) for my Panasonic LX3 pictured below. I found it at SillieNation.

Panasonic LX3 with hotshoe cover

I was looking around the site and saw the X-Mini speakers. I did a little research and found great reviews for it so I ordered one too. The site’s owner, Eilis texted me that the new X-Mini II (P1,600) was arriving the next day so I ordered that instead. I didn’t know what to expect when I plugged in my Ipod Touch. I was amazed to hear a loud, clear and bass heavy sound. It was absolutely fabulous. I can’t imagine such a big, full sound coming from a tiny thing like this. I tried playing different songs from Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” to Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”. It all sounded great even when I put it on the loudest volume. The sound can be comparable to a 3 piece pc speaker with sub-woofer even though it’s just a mono speaker.

Another thing I love about this speaker is it’s built in rechargeable battery that lasts for 11 hours. A usb cable for charging comes with it. If you have more than one of these X-Mini IIs you can connect them together with the supplied cable to create an even louder sound. I played it in our office and impressed the people there and now they want to order 5 speakers for their families.

Ordering from SillieNation is a breeze and delivery is super fast c/o Air 21. I ordered this on Thursday and got it on Friday morning.

unopened X-Mini II

opened X-Mini II

I also bought a Ricoh LC1 auto lens cap in Hong Kong for my Panasonic LX 3. It’s so convenient since I always forget to remove the lens cover before. I used my Fujifilm F100fd to take these 2 shots.

some pads to avoid vignetting

I bought a new case for my LX3 recently in Hong Kong to replace my standard leather case. I got tired of removing the screw on the bottom of the case just to access my sd card or to charge the battery.

old leather case w/ screw on the bottom

This new LX3 case is flimsier than the one above but I like it because it serves the purpose of easy access and storage when the case is in my bag. A warning though – this case is very hard to find. It sells for HK$290 in the Panasonic counter in Sogo department store in Hong Kong.

new slip-on case

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