What’s on my iPod Touch/iPhone?

I currently use an iPod Touch 2G with OS 3 but I recently took the plunge and reserved an iPhone 3GS from Globe Telecom, the Philippine’s exclusive carrier. Since I’m already familiar with the apps, tips and tricks for the iPod Touch I won’t have a hard time transitioning to the iPhone. So I dedicateContinue reading “What’s on my iPod Touch/iPhone?”

My New Toy – Panasonic Lumix G1

I was obsessed about the Panasonic Lumix G1 for months. I’ve never considered getting a dslr before because of the weight until I saw this gorgeous, red, petite dslr that’s not a dslr. But that’s a long story. So I finally gave in and ordered it from B&H photo. Ariel brought it home for meContinue reading “My New Toy – Panasonic Lumix G1”

X-Mini II speaker and Panasonic LX 3 Accessories

I wanted to buy a hotshoe cover (P600) for my Panasonic LX3 pictured below. I found it at SillieNation. Panasonic LX3 with hotshoe cover I was looking around the site and saw the X-Mini speakers. I did a little research and found great reviews for it so I ordered one too. The site’s owner, EilisContinue reading “X-Mini II speaker and Panasonic LX 3 Accessories”