Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant

A friend invited us for lunch at Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant. Let me get straight to the point. The interiors and ambiance are a 2 (di pwede kay Erap!) but the food is a solid 8. Don’t mind the heat, awful lighting and furniture and just dig in.

kimchi & beansprouts
kimchi and beansprouts appetizer

wakame salad

unagi don


US prime rib karubi – this is good for 3 and includes soup, rice and fruit.
you cook the beef yourself on the table grill (thus the sweating)

The marinated beef is very tender and flavorful. Just don’t overcook it. You dip the beef in a choice of sauces to which you can add raw garlic and chili paste. I guarantee you will eat a lot of rice.

Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant

1020 A Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road)
Makati City, Metro Manila
telephone: 844-4489

5 thoughts on “Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant

  1. Hello! Good evening.. This is Paola Cruz from FEU. Can i have the name of your General Manager in your restaurant? If that would be ok to oyu sir/madam. I just need it for my school paper purpose. Thank you.


  2. Good day! Ask ko lngvwhat dou mean by not good for erap ?Youdid not like the fiod?Its a very simple yet high end eats there right?


  3. oh i thut it is in united nation yakiniku sakura… well i am recently working there and if you have time just visit our restaurant at united nation ave. just try our yakiniku there,,,


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