Cow Label

Here’s a blast from the past – Cow Label. This used to be a popular snack item when I was a kid. That was many, many years ago. It’s still around although not as popular. I haven’t eaten this in decades.

The packaging hasn’t changed at all. There’s 10 packs inside a box.

Each pack has different labels on each side. Fancy!

The only thing new is this nutritional information which I hope isn’t correct. 860 calories for a serving!! What?!? I hope it’s 860 calories for the whole box which will make it 86 calories per pack and 8 calories from fat? This is giving me a headache.

Cow Label is dried beef similar to beef jerky. But in this case it has a sweet, mild chili sauce. The beef is hard and chewy. It’s still finger licking good. The serving below comes from 1 pack. I doubt anyone who opens this will stop at one pack.

17 thoughts on “Cow Label

  1. It’s not as good as the cow label we had when we were small. It also has less beef inside which is really disappointing. There’s more sauce than substance in it. Waste of money to buy it really.


  2. I used to have this as a snack too when I was a kid! I cant believe this is still around!! I MISSED IT FOR SOOOO LONG!!Could you pls tell me where can I buy this?Tried to google on line, but can’t find anything about it.


  3. Are you looking for some COW LABEL SNACKs here in the US? I have some extra packs that I can sell to you. Please respond via blog I will be checking this blog site for inquiries or interests in COW LABEL Snacks. I know it is very difficult to find these snack in the US. This was one of my fav snacks back then. 🙂


  4. Do not bring this inside the USA coz asshole customs scums confiscated $100 worth of Cow Label at LAX. I shouldn’t have declares it. It still tastes the same as when I was small which was in the early 70’s that’s why I bought 10 boxes of em… all confiscated by them assholes.


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