Dinner at Mamou Too

Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak, 800g or 28 oz-2
Last month our high school classmate, Raquel wanted to treat us for no reason at all. Well she said she wanted to thank some of us for convincing her to buy an iMac and helping her buy it and getting it delivered to her house. We would have happily done it without a reward. But since she insisted….

Raquel chose to treat us at Mamou Too! in Rockwell Power Pant. The first time I ate at Mamou was in Serendra when they just opened. That time I wasn’t into steak so I ordered a pasta dish which disappointed me so I never went back. I’ve always wondered why Mamou got so many accolades from bloggers and the press.

Even the outside seating was full. I love the red chandeliers.
Mamou Too Rockwell

Mamou Too Rockwell-1

We sat in the lone function room. It’s good we were in there or else our noise volume would have bothered the other guests.
Mamou Too Rockwell-2

Quite a few restaurants in Manila now have built in bag hooks under the tables but what I like about this was the location of the hooks. The hooks were placed in the middle of the table so that your legs won’t hit your bag. Very smart.
Mamou Too Rockwell-3

The wine chiller was in our room.
Mamou Too Rockwell-4

bread basket
bread basket

We ate family style and shared all the dishes. I will only comment on the dishes I ate and tried since I was still on a restricted diet. I did try my best to be a good girl but I cheated with a few bites of unallowed food and ‘gasp’ dessert.
soft shell crab salad
soft shell crab salad P400

alugbati kamote talbos salad
alugbati kamote talbos salad P325

While my other 10 friends shared the two salads above I had this harvest salad all to myself. This was my veggie requirement for dinner. I really enjoyed the glazed pecans, dried cranberries, cranberry stilton cheese and berry vinaigrette. All the things I haven’t eaten in months. (cheat #1)
healdsburg's harvest salad
Healdsburg’s harvest salad P325

The owner, Mamou, came by to check on how everything was. She also gave us some tips which I will share later on.
Mamou, Malou Fores
Mamou, Malou Fores

Mamou, Malou Fores-1

It’s funny I never liked steak even when my family used to own a steak house several years ago. But being in the Cohen diet forced me to eat more protein rather than my favorite carbs. And now I love steak. And let me tell you I loved Mamou’s steak. Now I understand why both branches of Mamou are always full.
Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak, 800g or 28 oz
Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak, 800g or 28 oz P2,800

For our group of 11 Raquel ordered 3 huge steaks. I thought it would be too much but we finished it all. I loved the charred exterior of the steak which was very flavorful while the interior was super tender and juicy. It didn’t taste oily at all.
Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak, 800g or 28 oz-1

The steak didn’t need any gravy but it was fabulous with a touch of sea salt or tuyo flakes. Really!
Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak, 800g or 28 oz-3

The steak came with two side dishes and my friends ordered the creamed spinach and the cinnamon saba (plantain) which wasn’t really part of the choices but you can request it.
creamed spinach
creamed spinach

Hmm steak with a side of sweet fried cinnamon bananas? Different but my friends swore it was good together. At least it was healthier than mashed potatoes or steak rice right?
cinnamon saba
cinnamon saba

Another house specialty was the citrus rubbed roast pork and chicken with Cuban red rice and cinnamon saba. It also came with black beans which we requested be served separately.
roast pork & chicken
roast pork & chicken P595

black beans
black beans

My friends always order this simple but delicious spaghetti with tuna roe and garlic olive oil sauce.
Mario Bottara al Olio
Mario Bottara al Olio P425

The next 3 dishes are what I call Pinoy comfort food, dishes that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These dishes were served with the garlic red rice and the creamiest, yummiest scrambled eggs. Mamou told us we can also request duck eggs be used for an even more indulgent version. (cheat #2)

The spicy sweet tuyo (dried herring) wasn’t on the menu but those who know about it swear by it. Mamou told us that you can buy the same bottle spicy sweet tuyo from her other store The Blue Kitchen. I put a small piece of tuyo on my steak and it was delish!!
spicy sweet tuyo
spicy sweet tuyo P295

I tried a small piece of the lamb tapa. It was really tender but I found it too sweet. I expected tapa to be salty. Funny but I lost my taste for sweet food (not dessert ;p)
lamb tapa
lamb tapa P395

On the other hand the duck adobo flakes was extremely good. Soft but a little crunchy, salty yet a little sour. It made it to the top of my list of “food I will eat once I finish my diet”. This is my idea of the perfect breakfast, Pinoy style.
duck adobo flakes
duck adobo flakes P295

Lavazza coffee P70

I took little bites of each dessert (cheat #3). The key lime pie was tart but not too tart. I googled schlagsahne and found out it was German for whipped cream. That’s all.
key lime pie with "Schlagsahne"
key lime pie with “schlagsahne” P145

The cheesecake was authentic dense NY style cheesecake.
New York cheesecake
New York cheesecake P285

The chocolate sans rival didn’t pass my crunch standard. The meringue layer was soft and chewy but still I loved it because of the dark chocolate buttercream and topping which wasn’t sweet but very chocolatey. I ate more than a bite. My biggest cheat of the night. But I didn’t regret it one bit. Yummmmm!!!
dark chocolate sans rival
dark chocolate sans rival P285

Thank you for the spectacular dinner Raquel (in orange)!! I’m so happy I tried Mamou again. Now I know where to find good steak in Manila.


my high school friends

A few weeks later I brought Rochelle to Mamou since I wanted her to try the duck adobo flakes since I knew she would like it. And she did!

I ordered the 8 oz. prime rib. It wasn’t as good as the charred steak but it was tender anyway. I was planning to eat half only but I finished the entire prime rib sans all the fat. Next time I’ll ask them to grill the prime rib briefly and serve the gravy on the side.
Wawa's prime rib
Wawa’s prime rib 250g or 8 oz P980

I was really eager to try the yorkshire pudding even though it was bad carbs. Unfortunately it wasn’t anywhere as good as the one I had at Lawry’s in Los Angeles. Probably because it was cold and it became hard. Maybe if it was hot and fresh from the oven it would have been light, airy and soft as it should be. Nevertheless I ate the whole thing. My first ‘bread’ in 6 months!
Wawa's prime rib-1
yorkshire pudding

My prime rib came with two side dishes but I requested for the Healdsburg’s harvest salad instead potatoes or rice. They were so nice to give in to my request. The salad tasted even better the second time around.
healdsburg's harvest salad
Healdsburg’s harvest salad

Mamou Menu
Mamou Menu (click to enlarge)
Mamou Menu-1

Unit 1C – 15 G/F Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Heights, Fort Bonifacio, Philippines
telephone: +632-856-3569 or +632-909-5741
mobile: +63917-8162668

Mamou Too!
L R1 148A, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati City
telephone: +632-822-6218
mobile: +63917-8062668
email: mamou@info.com.ph

Mon – Fri: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm; 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm; 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm; 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Mamou on Facebook

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  1. The food at Mamou Too looks delicious! Hope I can dine at Mamou’s soon :)Thanks for sharing, love this entry especially the very enticing photos!


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