Dinner at Café Ysabel

We recently had a stockholder’s meeting for our company, Swisher. My partners and I are the Philippine franchise holder. We held the dinner/meeting at Café Ysabel. I hadn’t been to Café Ysabel in maybe 15 years and I don’t have good memories of it. So I was eager to try the food again after all these years.

cozy interiors

partners hard at work

hot bread with an olive oil, balsamic vinegar dip

I was disappointed with the paella. The rice was hard and dry and not much of it. I wish they used a bigger container for more rice. The toppings were overwhelming. They were good though.

paella sulipena P448

The beef belly was very good and tender. It was so good I only got to eat a little. My partners swiped it all when I wasn’t looking.

U.S. braised beef belly P418

Penne Giannina was just ok. Nothing spectacular about it. I appreciated the al dente pasta though.

penne giannina P338
seafood, saffron creme, tomato and chorizo

This was my favorite dish. I know I didn’t like truffles from my previous encounters with it but somehow in this dish it’s fantastic. The truffle taste was subtle yet it blended well with the wild mushrooms and the cream. I want to go back just to eat this again. I’m glad I came back. I can’t wait to try the other dishes in their extensive menu. Now I know why Café Ysabel is still around after 25 years. That’s a mean feat in the fickle Philippine restaurant market.

Willy’s fettucine P328
wild mushrooms, truffle scented cream and parmesan

Jeff & Jasmine souffle glace duet P198
frozen raspberry and chocolate souffle, argellanas, chocolate sauce

Swisher Philippines
105 Sgt. Catolos St., Cubao, Quezon City
mobile: +63-09228-SWISHR
office: +63-2-7269978
fax: +63-2-4121955
Café Ysabel
455 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan Metro Manila
telephone: 726-9326, 725-5089

One thought on “Dinner at Café Ysabel

  1. Thank you for your kind review. Please allow us to let you sample next time our degustation or custom made menus that we started serving and evolving over 25 years ago. Among Cafe Ysabel habitues, we are more well known for these personal dinners that we design rather than our ala carte menu. Please call us the next time you might be in town. 


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