Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!!!

You know I’m obsessed with matcha right? Well, last December I went crazy in Hong Kong and bought everything green that I saw. There were a few finds and some duds. 

I saw a picture of Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits in Instagram and found a local reseller who quickly sent a couple of boxes to me. Most matcha confectionery is made with white chocolate for the flavor of the matcha (green tea powder) to shine without being too bitter or overwhelming. I don’t like white chocolate so finding a dark chocolate cookie with strong matcha filling was like hitting the jackpot for me. This is my matcha holy grail. Some find it too bitter but I love it. 

Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits


Semaru is a candy and snack store in Prince Edward that I always go to as part of my Fa Yuen street shopping. You can see the video on how to get there on my post yesterday. In the video this store is labeled ‘Candy Store.’ The contents here are definitely cheaper than in the supermarket or stores in the mall. 

Semaru HK matcha finds


The price is much cheaper than Manila resellers so I stocked up. 

Semaru HK matcha finds- Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits HK$18.80
Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits HK$18.80


They have so many, many other Japanese snacks but picture taking isn’t allowed so pardon the blurry pics.

Semaru HK matcha finds-005


This was my hoard. I left some Meiji rich matcha boxes in the shelf for the other shoppers. 😀

Semaru HK matcha finds-002


The flower shaped cookie on the top left was just ok. It was soft and a bit sandy in texture but it had a good matcha flavor. The chocolate and matcha ripple on the bottom left was delicious!! The flavors were strong and spot on. The Lotte to it’s right was forgettable. I even thought it was mint flavor instead of matcha. 

Semaru HK matcha finds-003


Meiji Kyo Matcha chocolate had a medium strength matcha flavor which passed my standards but it wasn’t creamy at all. It was like all the butter cream was sucked out. Imagine matcha powder mixed with water and formed into squares. It wasn’t really that horrible but it’s something I wouldn’t buy again. I prefer something with a creamier mouthfeel. 

Semaru HK matcha finds- Meiji Kyo Matcha chocolate
Meiji Kyo Matcha chocolate HK$29.80


On a second trip to Semaru I got these. I haven’t tried the Glico cookies and the Brilliant Truffe. 

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks - Glico Shall We matcha cookies
Glico Shall We matcha cookies HK$12.80


Meiji Torotto is a light chocolate cookie with a mild matcha filling. Not bad but I’ll pass.

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks - Meiji Torotto, Bourbon Brilliant Truffe
Meiji Torotto, Bourbon Brilliant Truffe HK$23.80


This Meltykiss didn’t have any English words so I took a chance because I was curious what it was. Imagine a cube of chocolate cake dipped in some kind of mild liqueur and dipped in chocolate. Quite interesting. There were only a few pieces inside the box, much less than the Meltykiss chocolates.

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks - Meiji MeltyKiss Kuchidoke-Cake Chocolate
Meiji MeltyKiss Kuchidoke-Cake Chocolate HK$22.80


I have a discount card thus the 5% deduction.

Semaru HK matcha finds-006

From Fa Yuen Street I walked all the way to Mong Kok when I chanced upon a new store on Argyle Street called 1027 Yamada. This store was right across Sin Tat Plaza, the cellphone mecca where you can find all kinds of accessories and direct import phones. Sin Tat is where you can find Apple products the next day it launched from the US. You know those people lining up for days in the Apple stores in the US? A lot of their purchases end up in Sin Tat. (video directions)

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks


This store carried exclusively Japanese products. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Japanese sweet and savory snacks in one store. I felt dizzy for a while. 

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks -001


Argghhh!! It was even cheaper there. If I’m not mistaken this costs HK$25 in CitySuper. 

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks - Meiji Rich Matcha Biscuits HK$16.80


So many products I ignored because they weren’t green. 😀

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks -003

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks -004

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks -005


I didn’t buy this box of matcha tarts but my friend Jennie surprised me with one from her trip to Japan. I haven’t tried it yet. 

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks - Platinum Sweet Tart matcha

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks -Platinum Sweet Tart matcha HK$118

 I don’t have a Lane Crawford card but I do have Semaru and 1027 Yamada VIP cards!! Loser ba? 

Semaru & 1027 Yamada VIP cards


I don’t normally buy Meltykiss but I couldn’t resist trying the limited edition green tea flavor. OMG it was soooo good! Super creamy mouthfeel and strong matcha flavor. I just didn’t buy it again after I saw the ingredients: Sugar, Palm Oil, Cacao Mass, Skim Milk, Cocao Butter, Lactose, Coca Powder, Cream Butter, Butter Oil, Lecithin (soy), Flavor, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol, Cheese Powder.

I just don’t want to eat chocolates with palm oil as the second ingredient. Take note of the prices. The cheapest I saw was at Mannings for HK$17.80 all the way to HK$30 at CitySuper. Caveat emptor. 

1027 Yamada Japanese snacks -011


Yes I bought green tea toilet paper for our apartment. 

green tea toilet paper

 I love matcha. Anyone else out there? 


7 thoughts on “Matcha, Matcha, Matcha!!!

  1. Another matcha freak right here! Would you be so kind to spill out the details of the local reseller from whom you got those decadent looking meiji matcha biscuits? I so want one right now! *sips matcha tea*


  2. Just got back from HK! I easily found Semaru thanks to your directions. There was no Melty Kiss Green Tea when I went there but got some green tea stuff like Meiji Rich Matcha biscuits,Look chocolate, etc. Damage is HK188 but only paid 167.5 because the cashier gave me a VIP card. hahaha! Melty Kiss Green Tea in Okashi Land is HK38-40. Not sure if it’s the same size as the one you posted.

    Didn’t bother visiting Yamada because my BF would kill me! We were forced to spend our remaining HKDs because Semaru doesnt accept cards.


  3. Hi, I am a matcha fan too. Wish that I had chanced upon your blog when I visited HK sometime back so that I can visit the shop & do some price comparisons as I noticed most of the matcha snacks you had taken are also available in my country. In fact, I’m drinking a mug of piping hot matcha milk tea right now. 🙂
    Matcha rocks!


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