Dinner at AzuThai

We had dinner at Azuthai restaurant at the exact date and time when earth hour was observed. Earth hour is a worldwide movement that called for shutting down your lights at home, work, the mall for an hour on March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm local time. The lights in the restaurant were turned down that’s why it was challenging to get good pictures.

 It’s been a while since I’ve eaten in a restaurant where I left really happy and satisfied. In Azuthai everything was good. Only a couple of dishes were too spicy for me. But then I have a low threshold for hot food. The next day I told my other friends about how good Azuthai was.

There were supposed to be 7 of us for dinner but only 4 showed up. Deb must have forgotten how many we are because she still ordered enough for 7. The waitress kept asking if there were still others coming. We did a good job of polishing off the food though. We did have leftovers of the bagoong rice and phad thai.

the kitchen was the only place where the lights were fully on

dining area with minimal lights

Thankfully the area where we sat had more lights on. These photos were shot at an iso of 1600 as suggested by Elisa. I think they came out all right. Thanks for the tip!

Som Tam P275
spicy papaya salad

veggies that came with the salad

This is the best pomelo salad I’ve ever eaten!

Yam Som O P295
pomelo salad

Tod Man Goong P325
shrimp cakes
This soup is just to die for. Next time I want a whole order just for me. It reminds me of laksa soup. The fresh mushrooms, tomatoes and chicken strips were a perfect complement to the rich and flavorful soup.

Tom Ka Gai P345
chicken soup with galangal, keffir lime leaves and coconut milk

The lamb in this dish must have been cooked for hours. It was melt in your mouth tender and the curry was only mildly spiced. This dish is perfect with white rice.

Massaman Gaeh P395
lamb curry with shallots, potatoes and peanuts

Khao Kapi P325
bagoong fried rice

rice all mixed up


Pad Thai P325

noodles all mixed up

The kale veggies was sooooooooo hot and spicy! The crispy pork was more to my taste.

Pahk Kahna Moo Krop P465
stir fried kale with crispy pork

Both desserts were refreshing and a perfect end to a spicy meal. A good thing they did was to freeze coconut milk and used that to top the dessert. This avoided the dilution from water if they used ice. We also ordered Mango with sticky rice but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Tap Tim Krob P125
water chestnuts w/ coconut milk

Ramie P125 (Thai halo-halo)
G/F Milky Way Building
900 A. Arnaiz Avenue corner
Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
telephonee: 817-6252 or 813-0671

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  1. hi. whats the best thai restaurant you’ve ever dined at? i would like to try this soon. thanks.Great site!jenhttp://lifeisbeautifulandawesome.blogspot.com/


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