Dinner at Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood

SMyron's The President Steak
When Jin and Franny, two of Manila’s popular food bloggers suggested we meet I immediately agreed and the ideas on where to eat was our biggest dilemma.

I suggested Myron’s since I have never eaten there and they can accomodate my diet requirements. Yes, a food blogger on a diet. This was actually the first time to eat out since I started my diet.
Myron's steaks ribs & seafood

Myron's steaks ribs & seafood-1
So after a few weeks of correspondence on Facebook we finally met on Wednesday night at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall.

The snow white girl is Jin of Jin Loves to Eat. If you’ve seen her blog and her pictures I can vouch she is really, really white and her skin is flawless. I hate her! 😀

The girl with the big smile is Franny of Franny Wanny. Yes she is as friendly as she looks. We both graduated from the same high school although a decade or more apart. I can’t believe I admitted that! She’s the more senior blogger among us with 4 years under her belt while Jin and my blog’s are a mere 2 years old.
Myron's steaks ribs & seafood-2

Jin and Fran shared the soup, steak and sidings. I was so happy they didn’t order paella or burgers, that would have made me weep with envy.
prawn bisque
prawn bisque P160

Fran and Jin weren’t sure they could finish this entire steak but they did.
Myron's The President Steak-1
The President P2,010

I couldn’t resist taking a teeny weeny bite of the charred steak. Oh my, it was so flavorful and very juicy.
Myron's The President Steak-2

Jin wanted her steak medium rare while Franny preferred it medium well. The chef did a good job of splitting the steak lengthwise and cooking it accordingly. Jin commented that she wished it was a little more rare but I didn’t see her complaining as she demolished her share. Well they both did.
Myron's The President Steak-3

It was amusing to see my dinner companions taking pictures too. Usually I’m the only one taking pictures with everyone else glaring impatiently at me waiting for their chance to eat.

Even though these ladies were younger than me we never ran out of things to talk about. From the moment they sat down it was non-stop chatting for 3 hours. I really had a good time sharing stories about food blogging and listening with envy when Fran told us about all the freebies she has received. Hmm why haven’t Jin and I gotten anything?
Myron's steaks ribs & seafood-3
Jin and Fran

I was surprised that they didn’t finish one bowl of ‘famous’ Myron’s rice with bits of beef. They told me it was hard and dry.
Myron's rice
Myron’s rice

Fran said the creamed spinach was yummy.
Myron's creamed spinach
creamed spinach P120

I asked the waiter to tell the chef the weight of my steak and veggies and to prepare it simply and without any sauce. They gave me a lean rib eye steak which was a tad over done but still very good. I didn’t feel deprived. I was very, very full by the time I finished. It was a bit costly but I was just happy to eat out again. But if I weren’t on a diet I would have ordered the Deadly Rib Eye Sisig with Bone Marrow and Rice.
Myron's Cohen steak dinner
my diet steak dinner – rib eye steak w/ bok choy & fresh shitake mushrooms P800

I did envy Jin’s cafe mocha since I can’t drink coffee after 2:00 pm or else I’d stay awake the whole night.
mocha java
mocha java

Until our next meal ladies!

Myron’s menu
starters/oysters/saladsoup & steak, ribs & platter, burgers & sandwiches
seafood/paella/house specialties, pasta, desserts/coffee/tea, wine

Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Lopez Drive, Barangay Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: (63 2) 728-5555, (63 2) 728-9898

Fran’s blog on our dinner.

8 thoughts on “Dinner at Myron’s Steaks Ribs & Seafood

  1. your photos are sooooo niceee 🙂 i bet jin’s photos are pretty too! time to retire my trusty pink cam for a new one 😉 *paging paulllll!! my birthday’s cominnn!!* till our next dinner leslie! super enjoyed last night!


  2. my photos are no way as nice as leslie’s. i can already taste the steak just looking at hers. ang sarap!!! it was awesome meeting you ladies. we should do this more often! 🙂


  3. Hi!I am a new follower and I just want to say that I love food and I love your blog! 🙂  Yummy pictures… I’m already salivating! 🙂  Keep up the good work! 🙂


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