Putong Ube

I was in Greenhills tiangge yesterday looking for something. Whenever I’m there my feet automatically wander to the food section. The first thing I always buy is a small box of putong ube. Unluckily for me they were sold out of putong ube.

Puto is steamed rice cake. Ube is purple yam. Putong ube is the yummiest puto ever! When I take a bite I think of ube ice cream then ube cake. Putong ube tastes just like it but without all the fat and calories. The box says it’s made with real ube and doesn’t contain preservatives and artificial flavoring. For those who have never tasted puto think of it as eating a dense, soft cupcake.

their new packaging (click to see larger image)

What they had left was this big box of ube, pandan, cheese and muscovado flavored putos.

They also have muscovado and cheese single flavors. The cheese is also good but I want ube!!!

So I went back today and here it is in all it’s purple glory. Whatever we can’t finish we just stick in the freezer and steam it anytime we want an ube fix. Michelle informed me that she just came out with a sugar free version. Too bad it wasn’t in Greenhills yet.

Michelle’s Putong Ube

24 Libertad St. Mandaluyong City, Philippines
telephone: 531-2539 or 0917-UBE PUTO
  • Tiendesitas, Julia Vargas Ortigas Corner C5
  • V-mall, Greenhills
  • 2nd Level Market Market Mall, Taguig City
  • Granada (Gilmore), Quezon City
  • Katipunan Rd. White Plains, Quezon City
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM The Block North Edsa

3 thoughts on “Putong Ube

  1. It was my tito’s birthday yesterday and he sent us this box of all flavors of putong ube.When I came home that night. I saw this box and looks so yummy. I tried one pc and I could not stop eating it’s really delicious. You better try one also. I tried to search their website to find out more of their products. Try nyo!


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