Makimono Obsession at Omakase

Omakase sushi rolls
Other than my single trip to Haru all my sushi obsession for two weeks was supplied by Omakase in Greenhills. I would take out a few orders of sushi rolls and eat it for lunch and dinner.

I have yet to appreciate the joy of eating sashimi or raw fish and I’m taking baby steps with makimono or sushi rolls. I’m ashamed to admit that the more bastardized the sushi the more I like it. Most of the sushi on this post won’t be recognized by any Japanese national. I bet they would cringe in horror when they see these rolls.

One Saturday I was so desperate for sushi yet too lazy to go out I used City Delivery for the first time just to get my food delivered. It took exactly one hour for my food to arrive despite the fact that Omakase was a mere 5 minutes away from my home.

Omakase is the only restaurant I know that serves sushi with a dipping sauce made of Japanese mayonnaise and soy sauce. I don’t use it as a result I have several containers in the refrigerator.
Omakase makimono (jurassic, crazy maki, zigzag roll)

Jurassic maki is Omakase’s most popular makimono. It’s made with ebi (shrimp) tempura, ebiko, salmon skin, cucumber with unagi (eel) on top.
Omakase - jurassic maki P305
jurassic maki P305

The crazy maki was filled with spicy tuna & salmon and topped with scallion, salmon skin & ebiko (fish roe).  I like Haru’s spicier and fatter roll better.
Omakase - crazy maki P190
crazy maki P190

I like Omakase’s rolls but sometimes it’s not consistent. Can you believe both of these are zigzag rolls? The one on the left was delivered through City Delivery while the ‘correct’ one on the right was one I picked up myself. It really has nothing to do with the delivery service but with the chef who made it at the time. I wish they could be more consistent with their food. Now I check my order before I leave the restaurant.

The roll on the left was barely filled and was pathetic looking. Their standard zigzag roll is the one on the right and thankfully I only experienced the sad looking roll once.
Omakase - zigzag roll P250
zigzag roll P250

The fantasy roll was simply filled with salmon and shrimp with wasabi masago (roe of capelin fish).
Omakase - fantasy roll P260
fantasy roll P260

The fancy looking deep blue sea had spicy tuna and tempura bits inside and topped with salmon, shrimp & shredded crabstick (kani) on top.
Omakase - deep blue sea P285
deep blue sea P285

After trying all these rolls my favorite is still the zigzag roll. I love the texture and crunch from the filling of fried soft shell crab and the topping of tempura bits & chopped crab. As if all that good stuff wasn’t enough they finished the impressive roll with Japanese mayonnaise & chili oil. I just love this spicy, creamy, crunchy fat roll.
Omakase - zigzag roll P250-001
zigzag roll P250

One time I had lunch at the restaurant just to try the much lauded seafood dumpling. I just ate it as is with no rice.
Omakase - seafood dumpling P160
seafood dumpling P160

Pieces of tuna, salmon and kani were wrapped with nori (seaweed) and dipped in tempura batter and deep fried. There was a thin drizzle of Japanese mayonnaise on top to complete the dish. If you have kids or adults not fond of seafood then this is the dish for them to eat. It was actually quite delicious. I can imagine it as a good appetizer with ice cold beer or sake.
Omakase - seafood dumpling P160-001

I hope someone benefits from these pictures of the menu with descriptions of Omakase’s many sushi rolls since I couldn’t find any on the net when I wanted to order something new.

Makimono sushi menu at Omakase (Manila) Makimono sushi menu at Omakase (Manila)-001

Omakase’s makimono menu (click to enlarge)

Makimono sushi menu at Omakase (Manila)-002 Makimono sushi menu at Omakase (Manila)-003

Yes I admit when it comes to sushi I’m J na J and Omakase is my choice. While doing this post I was yearning for some zigzag roll again.

Note: All these makimono were consumed in a span of two weeks and not one meal. 

Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Complex
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 470-9807

8 thoughts on “Makimono Obsession at Omakase

  1. me naman i loveeeee omakase’s spicy tuna salad, dynamite roll and seafood salad too! and lots and lots of their soy sauce/mayo dip!


  2. This post was really helpful! Thank you! I was looking for an Omakase menu with descriptions, and this is the only thing I found. It was very thoughtful of you to post this. Thanks again!


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