Lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 2

We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday at our favorite French restaurant in Hong Kong. The last time we ate here I was so impressed with the food. Again I wasn’t dissapointed. I dedicate this entry to my cousin, Yaj who dreams of eating at Robuchon.

This restaurant has the best selection of bread ever! I don’t normally eat bread because Oprah said not to. But here I can’t help it since they’re all so good. But each one of us had our own favorite bread. All the bread came to our table warm and imho none of them needed butter. They have several choices like mini baguette, bacon twist, mini croissant, walnut & apricot roll and my favorite the cheese roll. I must have eaten 7 pieces of the cheese roll.
I was so busy eating bread that I forgot to take a picture of the bread basket.

small cheese roll

You eat with your eyes first and the chefs at Robuchon are masters in the art of presentation. I tried my best to give justice to the food with these pictures. Believe me everything tastes as good as it looks.

lobster veloute

white asparagus “veloute” with old mimolette crisp

thin sliced veal w/ capers & tuna sauce

This is my appetizer and I loved it. Aren’t the foie gras shavings beautiful? Underneath the foie gras are the thinly sliced marinated mushrooms from Japan.

mushroom salad w/ foie gras shavings and chives

Everyone loved this sea urchin dish. It tasted like crab fat. It was so sinful.

sea urchins “royale” with a fennel emulsion

sea urchin under the foam

This beef dish was what most of us ate this time and the last time. The beef is from Japan and it melts in your mouth. I think it’s very expensive beef since they only gave us about 2 ounces each. Talk about portion control.

Elizabeth wanted to order something different so she chose the this sea bass. She said it was good. I was already too full to try it.

grilled fillet of sea bass w/ aromatic red wine sauce

The desserts were all heavenly. And look how nice the presentation is.

pineapple compote w/ rum chantilly & coconut cream

My brown dessert. You can never have too much chocoalate.

trilogy of chocolate w/ caramelized walnuts

Excellent macaroons

perfect ending – cafe mocha

tasting menu, our lunch menu

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
Shop 401, 4/F, The Landmark, Hong Kong
telephone: (852) 2166-9000

5 thoughts on “Lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 2

  1. Les – either your photography skills are getting really good or the lighting at this restaurant suits your camera.  The pics REALLY turned out good!… does not hurt that the dishes are so well presented.  Looks yummy!


  2. im drooling on my keyboard right now… 🙂 i was going thru the menu and it is indeed something that i have to experienced! it a must! 😉  i was wondering if you had wine to go with the food?beef from japan? is it Kobe beef? great pics achi les!!!!!


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