Dinner at Wu Kong

We previously had a dim sum lunch at Wu Kong. This night we had dinner to continue Elizabeth’s birthday celebration. Take note all the food below fed 8 people and the servings weren’t very big. Everything was so good it was all devoured to the last bit.

The first four dishes are popular hot and cold Shanghai appetizers.
spiced cold pork (Cheung Kong style) HK$58

supreme jelly fish HK$80

This fish was everyone’s favorite. It’s fried and crispy. The bones are edible.

spiced smoked fish HK$50

deep fried bean curd rolls (stuffed w/ mushroom) HK$50

We loved this Chinese style sandwich. Instead of bread siopao dough was used and the filling was crunchy bean curd sheet and sweet honey ham. How unique was that? And oh so good! The play of textures between soft, crispy and chewy was a delight.

honey ham & crispy bean curd sheet in bread HK$120

double boiled tien-tsin cabbage w/
chicken & ham soup HK$48/bowl

sauteed fresh shrimps HK$120

braised beef w/ scallion HK$70

deep fried spiced boneless chicken HK$70

Mandarin fish w/ sweet & sour sauce HK$140

braised bamboo shoots in soya sauce HK$62

steamed vegetable dumplings

deep fried mashed red bean pancake HK$48

cold dishes, shark’s fin & abalone, seafood,
soup, poultry, vegetables, veg 2, casseroles,
pork beef & mutton, rice & noodles,
dimsum & desserts

Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant
Basement, Alpha House,
27 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: 2366 7244

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