Hotshots Burgers

For me Hotshots flame-grilled burgers is the best fast food burger I’ve ever eaten in Manila or the USA. I like it even better than In-n-Out and Five Guys. It’a definitely better than Sango burger.

Their burgers are all beef and are well seasoned. I like putting Knorr liquid seasoning on my cooked burger if it lacks flavor. With Hotshots I don’t need to put anything except some catsup. Plus it’s flame grilled and I can really taste the charred flavor. Another thing I like is the burger patty isn’t greasy.

I usually order the burger deluxe (P105) which has one patty and no cheese. But since it was 2:oo pm and I haven’t had lunch I ordered the ultimate burger with 2 patties, lettuce and tomato. I don’t eat the top bun and hold the mayo.

The patties weren’t round and looked weird but I like that it extends out of the bun. It’s definitely not photogenic. It was a bit dry and a tad overcooked but I still love it! I think it’s dry because the meat is lean. So I don’t mind if it’s dry.

ultimate burger P175

I tried to make it look better by putting catsup and some mayonnaise (just to make it look pretty) and here is the outcome.

burgers, salad pasta & chicken, potatoes & drinks

Hotshots Burgers
Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
telephone: 637-9378

3 thoughts on “Hotshots Burgers

  1. grilled burgers are overrated, griddled is the king! it locks in the flavor. kahit sa chilli’s griddle ginagamit.


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