Travel Essentials

I’m going to Perth and Margaret River in Western Australia and Singapore next week with friends. Do you have any suggestions on where to eat so I can feature them on my blog? Please write them on the comments area.
Since those 2 countries have different plugs from the Philippines I had to buy some things so I can charge my gadgets. I have a retractable usb cable for my cellphone and Ipod touch so I bought this worldwide usb charger from Cdr King. What I like about this is I can charge both my ipod and cellphone at the same time. It comes with 4 plugs that pretty much covers the world.

worldwide usb charger – P380/US$8

There are 2 usb slots for simultaneous charging. I brought my ipod touch and cellphone to Cdr King to test it. I was so happy it worked. I really love cdr king. It’s a treasure trove for gadgets. I look in their web site for what I need before I go to their store. It’s very confusing to look for stuff in their store.

(pic from cdr king)

Ipod usb cable – P80/US$ 1.70

I bought this really small SDHC/mini SD card reader in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It’s really very handy for travelling.

SDHC card reader HK$35/P213/US$4.50

ipod & cellphone usb cable, extra camera battery,
sd cards, flash drive and card reader

I’m also bringing my x-mini II speaker in case the nights in Australia are too quiet.

X-mini II – P1,600/US$34

Everything goes into my Built NY charger bag which I got from

This is my photo shoot set up. I’ve replaced my cardboard light box with this tent. I recently changed the bulbs from 23 watts CFL to 27 watts.

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