Internet speeds and costs around the world

Have you ever wondered how much people are paying for their internet service around the world? Wait till you see how cheap and fast other countries broadband speed is compared to the Philippines. Japan wins hands down with broadband speed of 61mbps at a cost of only $.27/mbps/month. I use sky broadband and pay P1,999Continue reading “Internet speeds and costs around the world”

All About Snow Leopard

I recently upgraded my iMac’s OS to Snow Leopard. While I’ve noticed several improvements already there are so many more things I have to learn to maximize it’s power. These are the sites that have helped me so far. (from Gizmodo) Top ten tips and tricks for Snow Leopard (Cult of Mac)Snow Leopard: The CompleteContinue reading “All About Snow Leopard”

What’s on my iPod Touch/iPhone?

I currently use an iPod Touch 2G with OS 3 but I recently took the plunge and reserved an iPhone 3GS from Globe Telecom, the Philippine’s exclusive carrier. Since I’m already familiar with the apps, tips and tricks for the iPod Touch I won’t have a hard time transitioning to the iPhone. So I dedicateContinue reading “What’s on my iPod Touch/iPhone?”