Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen

After watching Angels and Demons last Friday we went to CPK for dinner. For me it’s the best, albeit expensive pizza in Manila.

These pictures were taken by my trusty assistant Wilson using my new Panasonic G1 camera.

We ordered this neapolitan pizza which had an ultra thin crust. This was truly fabulous. All the ingredients were top quality and gave the pizza a full flavor. We told them to skip the crushed chilis.

CPK pizzas are never oily. I never need to blot the top of the pizzza to remove the excess oil like what I do with all other pizzas. No matter how many slices of pizza you eat you’ll notice that your hands remain dry and oil free. That’s another reason I love CPK pizzas.

Made with imported Italian tomatoes,
fresh Mozzarella, garlic, crushed chilies, capers,
Mediterranean olives and Parmesan cheese. P325
With pepperoni P395

Buffalo Chicken
Grilled chicken marinated in spicy buffalo sauce
w/ Mozzarella cheese, carrots, celery &
crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.
Served w/ Gorgonzola ranch dressing P435

Vivian who actually complains better than me got us this free dessert when she complained that half of the Rustica pizza’s edges were burnt. Go Vivian! Thanks to the nice and generous manager.

hot fudge brownie sundae P255

CPK menu

California Pizza Kitchen
AF-8 L-8 G/F Promenade Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center,
San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 725-7377

2 thoughts on “Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen

  1. No wonder you’re good friends with Vivian – you guys complement each other! Les, have been wanting to tell you this but your pizza blotting has made a lasting effect to Erin.  Everytime she eats pizza, she HAS to blot out the excess oil with a napkin and will always mention “Auntie Leslie does this all the time when she eats pizza.”


  2. here in the US, it’s risky to complain in restaurants…you never know what they’ll do to your food order…sometimes they intentionally offer you something then tamper with it…you know what i mean ~ great info & pictures on new restaurants to try…thanks!


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