Singapore Day 12 – Dinner at Siam Kitchen

Chris took these pictures using Nono’s Canon G9. Since we were shopping the whole day I didn’t want to lug around my camera.

A basket of prawn crackers was placed on the table to quell our hunger. In Manila we call it kropek. It’s also known as krupuk, kerupuk, or kroepoek in Indonesia; Keropok in Singapore. Kropek are deep fried crackers made from prawns and starch.


Siam kitchen had an a la carte buffet for $16.90++ . There were 15 or so specific dishes that will be served to you and you can eat as much as you can. Our group consisted of 2 women, 1 child and 3 men. Some of the dishes we wanted to order weren’t in the buffet so only 2 guys had the buffet.

Some of the dishes in the buffet were pineapple fried rice, green mango salad, fish cake, fried fish, chicken wing, you tiao, fried prawn cake, chicken wings, green chicken curry, tom yam soup and kang kong.

We watched as the waitress served the 1st batch of food.

Naturally food kept moving towards our table. We got to try all their food. So by the time our orders arrived we were already half full.

These 2 guys really maximized the buffet. Well, we did help out a lot.

These are what we ordered. They were generally good but somehow the food across the table tasted better. It must be the thrill of stealing food under the watchful eyes of the waitresses.

black olive fried rice with
chicken and cashew nuts

fish fillet with cashew

pad thai with seafood

prawn green curry

green mango salad
tom yum soup

We later found out most of the waitresses were Filipino and they understood our conversation in Filipino specially the ones involving food from the buffet side of the table. “Please get me more chicken curry” “I want another prawn ball” “Where’s the chicken wings? What’s taking so long?” All these from the ones who didn’t want to eat the buffet.

The buffet was a better deal. Just tell the waitress you want less fried food and more of everything else.

Siam Kitchen
Suntec City Mall
telephone: 6837 1588

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