Ristras Mexican Grill

Ristras Mexican Grill is the newest restaurant in J. Abad Santos st. I love Mexican food specifically burrito which I only eat at Mexicali and nachos which I used to buy at Taco Bell (i don’t anymore bec. of the calories). So when I read about Ristras opening nearby I was excited to try their food.


This is Phillip one of the owners of Ristras. He guided me on how to order a burrito.

This sign was posted on the glass to help you order your burrito, taco and salad. Of course no one reads it that’s why Phillip has to be there to explain each step and ingredient.

The pictures of the burrito below isn’t what I ordered. I was busy talking to Phillip that I forgot to take pictures of my burrito. Thankfully someone else ordered a burrito right after me.

Step 1: Choose a tortilla – regular or whole wheat?
Step 2: Choose a burrito – house, fajita or bowl?
Step 3: Choose a rice – cilantro rice or chorizo rice?

chorizo rice on regular tortilla

sauteed peppers and onions
Step 4: Choose a filling – barbacoa, chicken, steak, canitas, or vegetarian. You can combine 2 kinds of fillings.

Barbacoa – shredded beef, slow braised with their own chipotle adobo, cumin, cloves, garlic and oregano
Chicken – marinated for hours in their own jalapeno marinade and grilled
Steak – marinated for hours in their own jalapeno marinade and grilled
Carnitas – pork seasoned w/ thyme, bay leaves, orange juice, pepper and braised for four hours
Vegetarian – freshly made guacamole and vegetarian black beans

steak and chicken filling


Step 5: Choose a chili – red or green?

green chilis

pico de gallo salsa (mild)

tomatillo green chili salsa (medium hot)

roasted chili corn salsa (medium)

sour cream

grated cheese

If you don’t specify what sauce you want on your burrito they will put it all in. When I went home I immediately weighed my burrito. It weighed 626 grams or 1.38 lbs! It probably has 1,000+ calories too.

burrito P 290 / 626 grams

I was prepared to be bowled over. The assembly made me drool. The description of the fillings were mouth watering. The burrito weight 626 grams for heaven’s sake. When I took my first bite I was disappointed with the flour tortilla. It tasted pasty and soggy. From my experience it’s supposed to be dry and firm.

After cutting off the top layer of tortilla I took another bite of the filling. The barbacoa was delicious and full flavored although a tad salty. My problem with the whole burrito was it was too wet. There were too much sauces and other fillings that I couldn’t tell the ingredients and flavors apart. Next time I order the burrito I will keep the sauces to a minimum. Unbelievable but they even gave me 3 containers of different sauces with my take home order. It took me 3 meals and 2 days to finish this burrito.

I will definitely give Ristras another try. Now that I know how and what to order hopefully my next burrito will weigh under a pound.

Ristras menu

Ristras Mexican Grill
J. Abad Santos
corner Lopez Jaena,
San Juan

5 thoughts on “Ristras Mexican Grill

  1. Excellent site you have here. I also have a food blog and was wondering if you would like to exchange links with me. My blog url is http://foodrecipesmadeeasy.blogspot.com/ If you are interested please add my link and them leave me a comment so that I can add also a link back to your site. It will improve our google pagerank since we have the same niche and will give us more visitors.Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks,Jenny


  2. some of my friends here said Ristras have the best burritos they’ve eaten, so I’ll give this place a shot.  I gave up on other attempts at “local” mexican food – heck, Taco Bell is authentic compared to what I’ve experienced out here in the Metro. The last burrito I ate was at Army/Navy – what a joke! Their carnitas burrito had chunks of bone, cartilage, and pork rind – wtf?! Unfortunately, I had taken that order to go, so didn’t find out till I ate it at home, otherwise I would have been raisin’ hell. The sad thing is that after almost 350 years of Spanish colonization and galleon trade between Manila & Acapulco, you would have thought someone would have brought good, decent Mexican food to the Islands.  Hawaii even has better Mexican food than the Philippines, cuz they have Mexicans that migrated there.  Maybe, I should invite some of my Mexican friends to do the same … hmmm


  3. Wow, they do look good. I stumbled on your site because I was thinking about availing of the discount from Deal Grocer and it was at this resto. I wanted to see what others thought of the resto’s food first. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


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