Mama’s Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente

chocolate beignet w/ chantilly cream
As the only food blogger in the group I was tasked with planning all our meals in Baguio. I remembered seeing Mama’s Table featured in Heart-2-Heart’s blog so I forwarded the link to my friends and they all agreed to try it.

I really wanted to go to Chef Vicky’s house while there was still light outside so I can take pictures of the beautiful scenery around her house. But with 7 women and 2 1/2 bathrooms it took time to get ready.
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente

Even though we all saw the pictures in Rica’s blog we were still amazed with the house. It looked really dramatic at night.
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-1

Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-3

Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-2

I call this picture a “hallmark card”.
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-4

Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-6

Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-7

Chef Vicky explained to us the contents of the bread & spreads artfully displayed on a solid piece of wood. There were an assortment of bread like foccacia, ciabatta, wheat bread, French bread which she sourced from The Manor and Baguio Country Club.
bread & spreads board
bread & spreads

There were 4 kinds of dips and spreads. All were very good but there was one that was everyone’s favorite.
semi-cured tomatoes
semi-cured tomatoes

I liked the blue cheese mousse on wheat bread with a piece of walnut and a cranberry on top. Amazing flavors and textures.
blue cheese mousse
blue cheese, basil & brandy mousse

organic chicken liver pate
organic chicken liver paté

The hot and cheesy artichoke spread was the last to come out but first to be wiped out. It was so creamy and absolutely delicious! If you eat here be sure to request this.
artichoke farm spread
artichoke farm spread

Chef Vicky used to work in a legal firm and a bank until she had a mid-life epiphany and decided to follow her dream and studied culinary arts at the age of 50. She used to live in Toronto and just moved to Baguio a year ago. Thank you for opening your house and kitchen to us, Chef!

Chef Vicky said she lost 30 lbs when she started cooking for guests in her house. Hmmm maybe I should start a cooking career too?
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-9
me and Chef Vicky

When I made my reservation I was told we could bring our own wines. Deb brought a bottle each of red and white wines. We had the shiraz with our appetizers.
Kevin Arnold shiraz
Kevin Arnold shiraz

Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-11

I took a peek in the kitchen and observed the staff preparing our food.
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-12

The eggs in the shell were being baked in a bain marie.
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-15

Mama's Table degustation menu
Mama’s Table degustation menu

We had the Yalumba riesling with our dinner.
Yalumba riesling
Yalumba riesling

Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-17

Our degustation meal consisted of 8 courses and cost P1,350 plus 10% service charge. Other than asking if anyone in our group had food allergies Chef Vicky planned the menu according to what she found in the market. I didn’t ask nor did she offer to tell me what was on the menu. I wanted to be surprised.
Mama's Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente-18

You will notice that the plates for each course is different. Chef Vicky used the fine china her mother and grandmother collected through the years.

I don’t like eggs. When I eat the rare egg it has to be fried with the yolk really runny. I didn’t know what to expect when the half egg shell was placed in front of me.
baked eggs, onions & gruyere in egg cups w anchovy toast
Amuse Bouche – baked eggs, onions &
gruyere in egg cups w/ anchovy toast

Chef Vicky instructed us on how to eat this. First take the toast and use it to scoop some egg. Next use a spoon to get the onion, mushroom and egg mixture.

Wow if all eggs tasted like this I will eat it everyday! The eggs were soft, runny, buttery and so fragrant. Add the fragrant veggies and it was sublime.
baked eggs, onions & gruyere in egg cups w: anchovy toast2

The base of the corn chowder was made from boiling duck and ham bones. The soup was sweet, salty, smokey and creamy.
corn chowder w/ crispy bacon & Parmesan cheese
Soup – corn chowder w/ crispy bacon & Parmesan cheese

prawn fritter w/ mango mayo
Intermezzo 1 – prawn fritter w/ mango mayo

My favorite dish next to dessert and the egg was the salmon. I’ve eaten my share of bland, rubbery salmon so I wasn’t too excited when the salmon was served. The salmon was simply dipped in flour, pan fried and finished in the oven. Sounds simple right? The fish was cooked with perfect timing and it was moist and succulent.

What made it even more outstanding was the brown butter, lemon juice & parsley sauce and the sprinkling of dried lemon zest, fried capers and crunchy baked croutons. We’ve never tried fried capers before and it was a revelation. Fried capers were less salty and the texture was fantastic!
salmon grenoblaise
Seafood – salmon grenoblaise

I was expecting a sorbet in between the main courses but we got a meatball instead. Good choice! We were advised to eat this in one go. Salty meatball, tangy pickled cucumber and sweet and tart lingonberry preserves. Another excellent melange of flavors and textures.
Swedish meatball w/ pickled cucumber & lingonberry preserves
Intermezzo 2 – Swedish meatball w/ pickled cucumber & lingonberry preserves

With this course I realized that I’m not much of a steak eater. If I do eat steak I prefer it to be grilled to medium. I did eat half of the tenderloin. Despite it’s red color it didn’t really taste raw. This was the only dish I didn’t finish.

Across me, Deb declared it the best steak ever. And she didn’t finish her salmon. We should have switched plates.
tenderloin w/ bearnaise sauce
Meat – tenderloin w/ Bearnaise sauce

Chef Vicky explained that in France the salad is served at the end of the meal. The acids from the dressing was supposed to help you digest your food.

I was already too full at this point but I ate the strawberries marinated in sweet reduction of balsamic vinegar with the blue cheese. I called it my first dessert or my fruit and cheese course.
marinated strawberries & blue cheese on watercress & arugula
Digestif – marinated strawberries & blue cheese on watercress & arugula

I was too full to eat greens but I’m never too full to eat dessert specially when it involves chocolate.
chocolate beignet w/ chantilly cream
Dessert – chocolate beignet w/ chantilly cream

Take a piece of ganache made from Callebaut chocolate, wrap it with a crepe, dip it in batter and fry it. That’s what we have here dear readers. My only complaint was not enough chocolate. I suggested to the chef that she should have a pitcher of chocolate sauce served with it. But that was just me. Everybody else was perfectly happy the way it was served. But then I was the only chocoholic in the group.
chocolate beignet w/ chantilly cream

What a fantastic discovery! It was definitely the highlight of my trip to Baguio. Who would have thought I would find a 5 star degustation meal that rivaled the chi-chi hotels in Hong Kong? Thanks again for the fabulous meal Chef Vicky!

Mama’s Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente
888a Ambuklao Rd. Baguio City
telephone: (074) 442-1794
cellphone no. : 0915-6438775

cost: P1,500 (+10%sc) pax (as of March 2012)

Go to Wright Park Circle where Pacdal church is. Go around rotunda until after the police station. Turn right on Pacdal Rd. which becomes Ambuklao Rd. There are two 888s. It is not the 1st one. Keep going up. When u pass APTS you’re near na. Red house on right side before km post 254 with sign 888a VTC.

16 thoughts on “Mama’s Table by Chef Vicky Tinio Clemente

  1. My favorite “Shoot First” blog post so far :). It’s like being there – and you did not forget about the wine this time 😀


  2. Yes Ray you need to contact the chef. She accepts a minumum of 7 people for a meal at her house. It may be breakfast, lunch or dinner.


  3. Hi Leslie: Thanks for your beautiful photos. They showcased my simple food and my grandma’s lovely china! I have taken your advice and will now serve the beignet with hazelnut choco sauce on the side for those chocoholics in the group! Although I have now changed some items in my menu and serve a couple of different desserts. Summer is coming and new crops are in the market. Call when you are up in Baguio again. Correction, my minimum number is 6 although 7 would be better. haha. Thanks again and take care. Vicky


  4. Hello Leslie… count me in as a favorite “Shoot First” blog post. As a baguio boy i would love to experience VTC’s cooking someday with close friends and family. Love your food blog. All the best! joe 🙂


  5. Hello Leslie… enjoying your blog still. Hope to visit Thailand someday. But could not help sharing this article by Adam Platt on New York Magazine dated 5/3011. How i wish i could join you in one of these outings. In my dreams….hehe! Kindly share it with Jin & Franny Wanny. Cheers!Adam Platt on One of the Last Meals at El Bulli — New York Magazine


  6. I can’t remember how I stumbled here, but the pics are fantastic! Will keep this in mind when we head to Baguio (Whenever that is).And oh, we are fans of Riesling wine 😀 Even the Hardy’s Riesling normally found in the grocery for PHP 350.00 has been a party staple. Check it out if you can 🙂


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