Uncle George Gourmet Bread

After Lartizan,where I buy my favorite sourdough rye bread, Uncle George Gourmet Bread is my next favorite bread source. I don’t buy it often because it’s not readily available in the supermarkets I frequent. I have to go to Greenhills Shopping Center tiangge’s (bargain center) food section to buy it.

They also have a permanent kiosk (now closed) at Pioneer Center supermarket . I like going to this supermarket since it’s near my office and the parking is free and very spacious. They have everything I need and more and their prices are very reasonable.

They have a wide variety of heart healthy wheat and multi-grain bread. I’ve tried the walnut wheat loaf and multi-grain wheat. I like them both.

walnut wheat loaf P95
whole wheat multigrain P85

hi-fiber loaf P85
whole wheat loaf P75

whole wheat pandesal P75
egg pandesal P75

Then there’s the gourmet bread selection made up sweet and savory breads.

banana walnut P90
bacon & mushroom melt P90
country raisin loaf P85

They also have Hershey’s Choco Monkey bread but it was out of stock when I took these pictures. That saleslady said that was one of their bestsellers.

walnut cinnamon ring P95
sugar free walnut cinnamon ring P115

black forest loaf P140

Hong Kong polo bread P90

ciabatta P45
blueberry cream cheese loaf P115

cheese loaf P90
Japanese loaf P70

The cranberry rye bread is new so I bought that. I love rye bread and I’m always on the look out for that since I’ve never eaten New York style rye bread in Manila. The ones I’ve tried from French Baker barely taste of rye. I like it strong and flavorful.

cranberry rye bread P95
walnut cranbery w/ cream cheese P100

My favorite bread is the honey wheat bushman bread. It’s just like the bread they serve at Outback steak house. It has a light sweetness that makes this bread perfect for sweet or savory fillings. It’s even better lightly toasted.

garlic bread P35
honey wheat bushman bread P85
cheese herb foccacia P45

The cranberry rye bread didn’t taste like rye at all but i didn’t mind. It was hearty, nutty and chewy.

Some ideas for fillings perfect for this bread:
1. deli ham, brie and thin apple slices
2. chicken salad or tuna salad
3. thinly sliced turkey, mayo and cheese
4. ham and cheese

cranberry rye bread

Some ideas for fillings perfect for honey wheat bushman bread:
1. pb&j
2. cream cheese and orange marmalade
3. grilled chicken pesto
4. roast beef and cheddar cheese
5. spicy sardines in olive oil (Trust me, I had this for lunch.)

honey wheat bushman bread
w/ peanut butter
Greenhills Shopping Center (tiangge food section)
Ortigas Ave., San Juan,
Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: 721-0572
Salcedo Saturday Market
Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Open from 7am-2pm

Lung Center Sunday Market

Diliman, Quezon City
Open from 6 am to 1 pm
SM Makati

9 thoughts on “Uncle George Gourmet Bread

  1. love bread too… i can eat it everyday instead of rice! :Di wanna try the honey wheat bushman bread since i love outback’s bread too.. haaay too bad they don’t sell it anywhere near our area 😦


  2. Bad News. I always buy at their branch at PC Supermarket and last Sunday, I went there to buy some bread and there was no bread but just an empty stall. The lady manning the Mister Donut stall right beside it said that the branch is scheduled for pull-out. I hope the other branches are still open


  3. the honey wheat bushman is also my favorite! i can finish the whole thing in just one sitting, it’s that good it’s scary!


  4. thanks for the update Jon! I haven’t been to PC supermarket in a long time so I didn’t know that.


  5. My wife recently bought the Uncle George Multi-Grain bread and as someone who has eaten much of this in both Europe and the US, I can say that this is a very poor substitute. I would suggest that the master baker of ‘Uncle George’ looks at some online recipes to see how this bread is made. Putting in some grains would be a good start. Very very poor bread.


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