Gloria meets Barack for dinner

Here’s a funny commercial from the Philippines with actors spoofing President Gloria Arroyo and President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama has dinner at the Malacañang and is fed too much Filipino fare, from kare-kare thats oks (ox for the ox tail used in kare-kare) to guinataang mais thats corn.

Trying to be polite, Obama tries them all until dyspepsia or impatso gets the better of him.

Ohmygash! Thats impatso nah! his host Ate Glow frets. Ate Glow (actor Rene Facunla) glides along the dinner table and offers him Motillium, a motility drug that alleviates impatso.

Thirty minutes later Obama is relieved and offered kapeng baraks (barako is a variety of Philippine coffee).

One thought on “Gloria meets Barack for dinner

  1. What’s on your mind… 😀  Overfeed undernourished. Makes no difference with whats happening in the Congress, at the Senate and the Huge House “Malacañang…bwahahaha…..


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